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Rod Barbee

Rod Barbee has a unique moniker. He calls himself a C.P.S., a Certified Problem Solver, and based on his illustrious career in real estate and the numerous benchmarks he’s achieved, there’s not a more fitting pseudonym.

Rod is the area community manager for the Gulfport, Mississippi, builder, Elliott Homes, LLC, where he is responsible for sales, marketing, and community management of their Cottage Collection. Before accepting this role, the real estate veteran had amassed an impressive 20 years of experience in the industry, completed more than $500 million in transactions, served thousands of clients, and garnered a bevy of awards. Nothing was handed to this humble and servant leader. His success is entirely based on merit and, much like one of the company’s mantras, “Conflict Builds Character; Crisis Defines It,” Rod’s story is defined by his ability to overcome challenges.

Rod’s foray into real estate began in college, while he was in his senior year at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. While his fellow students enjoyed their time off, Rod used his spare hours to study for and take the real estate exam. He then worked full time as a corporate analyst for Northern Telecom (Nortel), the largest Canadian telecommunications company of that time, where he was responsible for one of the largest weekly budgets worldwide. When he wasn’t at work, Rod searched for a real estate firm where he could start part-time. After being hired by a nearby Century 21 office, he worked nights and weekends, slowly building his skills and his client roster. Within six months, Rod was producing as much, and often more than some of his full-time colleagues.

After working both jobs, Rod had acquired a holistic skill set that would enable him to accept his next role with K. Hovnanian Homes, then the fifth-largest national builder in the country. Working within their new homes division and being a consistent multimillion-dollar producer, it’s not surprising that the company’s Houston office recruited Rod to be their area community manager, in charge of sales and marketing for four communities, as well as assisting in their line of luxury residential homes. In this position, Rod again distinguished himself by reviving several underperforming communities and landing himself in the top 5% of producers in Houston within three months.

Rods career path soon led him back to North Carolina, where he worked for Lennar, the second-largest builder in the country. Again, he resuscitated another failing community before repeating that success for Orleans Homes, where he staved off a shut-down of the company’s Greensboro division, making it not only salvageable, but profitable.

Unfortunately, in the midst of triumph came catastrophe. Rod’s beautiful wife of 26 years, Debra, passed away and he was left without much ambition to continue in the same trajectory. With his children grown and out of the house, Rod was looking to make a change. He had considered job offers in Houston and North Carolina, but out of the blue, a call came from Elliott Homes in the Gulf Coast area of Mississippi. “I had worked with two of their executives previously in North Carolina, but Mississippi was the last place on earth I pictured myself. After some encouragement, I took the meeting and accepted the position. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The owners are incredible, I love working with the people I serve, and I love the vision of the company.”

Rod is the founder of Triangle Blockchain Development, an educational platform for blockchain technology, a Certified Sales Professional and also holds certifications in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. He completed training programs with Jeff Shore, Myers Barnes, Charles Clarke III, and a William Deming inspired course for supply chain management.  



Rod Barbee

Area Community Manager

Elliott Homes