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Rojit appears in the Top 100 Canadian Professionals Magazine

Rojit Sorokhaibam

With over 24 years of international managerial experience, as well as three companies of his own, Rojit Sorokhaibam is one of the most valued entrepreneurs in his industry. As a native of a small Indian city, Manipur, he understands the importance of working for the community. In fact, in the year 2007, Rojit was also among the top nominated entrepreneurs selected by the Indian government to represent India in dozens of other countries.


He has worked in India, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and the United States, and has served in multiple roles including advisor, organizer, and represented at the managerial capacity of community organizations. Currently, Rojit is the co-founder and chief executive officer for IDHUBS, a unique startup company that offers an integrated software as a service (SAAS) platform.


IDHUBS is working to be the source of global digital identity by providing a unique integrated SAAS collaboration ecosystem platform that is delivered through a white-label portal and custom iOS and Android app for the organization.

With IDHUBS’ approach, it can bring the team members, stakeholders, and their focused customers on board the same platform. The platform also provides a community-focused eMarketplace and personal branding for participating users. The solution will help to achieve the vision of every business, organization, and community. With an effective collaboration ecosystem among the team members and strategic stakeholders, IDHUBS can help and contribute to success which leads to higher efficiency and profitability.

“Time is changing fast; every business is striving to be the winner in their respective industry. In today's competitive world, there are lot of options available for a customer and information is widely available that helps make a well-informed decision. The continuous engagement has always been the key to a successful relationship and a successful relationship is something that money cannot buy and replace.” says Rojit

IDHUBS helps and motivates the participating members and also gives credit for their contributions within an intently managed community environment. In addition, the platform can help participating members to transform their personal branding through interactive resumes and gain opportunity while using the platform for professionals and students.

IDHUBS also offers a fully functional B2B and B2C community eMarketplace. Business owners can do their business easily, securely, and efficiently with multiple payment gateway options and can benefit their target customers, who are already connected and verified.

IDHUBS also offers features like creating and managing events, opinion polling, crowdfunding for a verified good cause in the community, and a dashboard for the management of various reports.

As the chief executive officer of IDHUBS, Rojit also focuses on solving current challenges such as monthly business expenses, maintaining the cooperation and high morale of the team, and recruiting like-minded visionaries to join their team of investors.


“IDHUBS is based upon the principle of change,” Rojit explains. “Everything on this earth is in a continuous state of evolving, refining, improving, adapting, or enhancing. As an IT entrepreneur, I see it in two ways: consumer patterns and technology.” And IDHUBS is the answer and the new platform that the world has been looking for.



Rojit Sorokhaibam

Chief Executive Officer


Ontario, Canada


Download the Top 100 Canadian Professionals magazine and check out Rojit's feature on page 74.

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