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Ronald S. Nir

Ronald Nir is an attorney with Law Offices of Ronald Nir, a full-service law firm based in Kew Gardens, New York, representing individuals accused of all manner of criminal offenses in the City of New York, Nassau County, Suffolk County, and Westchester County. The practice also handles contract law, civil litigation, family law, commercial and residential real estate, and commercial landlord-tenant matters. Ronald is a recognized criminal defense attorney with over three decades of experience. He has handled high-profile murder cases and appeared on Court TV, NBC, ABC, Fox 5, and radio stations. He is the recipient of the coveted BV Peer Review rating from Martindale Hubbell, an official ranking bestowed by attorneys upon one of their own as a testament of both years of service and legal excellence.

Underlying Ronald’s illustrious career and professional accolades is the force that has driven him since he passed the bar in 1987—his genuine affinity for people. “I give 110 percent to all of my clients, and I work very hard to provide them the best legal representation and advice. But it’s not just about being professional; it’s about caring. I care not just about my clients; I care about their families,” he shares.

Ronald passed the bar the same year he received his degree from Cardozo School of Law, and immediately joined the Legal Aid Society of New York. Three years later, in 1991, he opened his own practice, where he departed from his legal brethren in his approach to cases, looking beyond the surface. “I think most of my legal peers don’t think outside the box and look at all the corners. It is important to look at all details of the case and client,” he explains.

He has worked with Congress of Racial Equality regarding the treatment of people of color in the court system, and used to lecture on what takes place and ways to combat it—long before anyone was talking about it. He has also lectured on various issues, including fingerprint analysis, DNA analysis, and sex offender registration, at various bar associations, and has served as a judge at Hofstra, Cardozo, and other law schools regarding trial and appellate advocacy.


Ronald S. Nir

Attorney — Law Offices of Ronald Nir

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