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Rony Khalife

As a partner with Robinson Business Law, a boutique legal firm focusing solely on corporate and business law, Rony Khalife serves as more than an attorney for his corporate clients; he acts as internal general counsel for all their corporate commercial transactions. With specialization in securities law and mergers and acquisitions, he handles all matters related to corporate finance and securities law for corporations at all stages.

Based in the Canadian capital region, he helped clients in a wide variety of industries, including real estate development, cannabis, and technology, to structure numerous venture capital financing. “My main focus is my clients, who are all treated as my biggest client. For many, I become part of their business not only as a lawyer, but also as a partner, supporting their day to day operations. I always go the extra mile to make sure the business is run as if it were my own,” he shares.

Rony started with the firm while still pursuing his law degree at the University of Ottawa. After graduating with honors and passing the bar, he joined the practice as an attorney. His passion for the law and natural business acumen drove him to become partner just a year later. Representing clients in the U.S. and all across Canada, in just four short years, Rony has built an impressive—and growing—client base, who rely on his business knowledge, and legal expertise for effective solutions for the unique challenges facing their businesses.

Rony also represents a wide range of health professionals, helping them understand the legal and tax implications of their practice and investments.

Rony Khalife

Partner — Robinson Business Law

204-2378 Holly Lane, Ottawa, Ontario, K1V 7P1

100-394 Boulevard, Maloney Ouest, Gatineau, QC, J8P 6W2

LinkedIn: Rony Khalife

Facebook: Rony Khalife

Instagram: Rony_kh

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