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Rose Kriedemann

“I’m here to help business owners thrive in a dog-eat-dog world, while remaining ethical!” Rose Kriedemann has always been inspired to help others for the past fifty-plus years. From her first job with trailer park owner and mentor, Zella Bontaine in 1971, through her career in kitchens, post offices, and not just one, but two of her own businesses, it’s no surprise that Rose brings a unique perspective and valuable vision to her private consulting business.

After running her own iconic retail store, Bayshore Hobbies, for 35 years, Rose stepped full time into serving as COO of Lion Rampant Imports in Brantford, Ontario, which she co-founded with her husband, who served as president. Together with the Lion team, they grew the company from a small basement stationed business in 1992 into Canada’s largest hobby game distribution company, including landing multinational deals on highly sought-after products. Between working as a distributor, serving on the board of the Canadian Toy Association, and having been a retailer herself, Rose has the ability to provide crucial advice for success for any scope of business. 

Today, Rose works with a growing number of clients who value her expertise to seek out inefficiencies, streamline processes and help implement changes, ultimately minimizing costs and maximizing profits for their business. She has a deep knowledge of distribution, materials and sourcing, quality control at manufacturer level, and logistics, as well as marketing, packaging, and shelf location.

A key to Rose's success in business, and as a consultant is that she knows how to truly listen. “It’s important to hear what each person at a company has to say. Listening will empower them and you,” she says. As a successful entrepreneur and business leader, she’s a champion of small business owners and offers valuable advice to help them succeed. “An owner has to look outside their bubble to be aware of competition. The bottom line is to know your game and your players, and make your move.” It’s sharing this advice that gives Rose her greatest joy. “I enjoy people and a challenge,” she says. “Helping others reach their potential in business is what makes me tick - it’s truly satisfying to see their dreams coming to fruition when it all comes together, it brings a smile to my face every time.”


Rose Kriedemann

Private Consultant


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