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Rounak appears in the Top 100

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Rounak Langhe

Rounak Langhe is the founder of Toronto-based financial firms—Mint Canadian Capital and Durham Asset Management, Inc. (DAMI)—both specializing in helping clients reach their financial goals. Mint Canadian Capital is a residential and commercial private lending business that offers clients first and second mortgages to meet their desire for home ownership across Ontario. As the director and dealing representative, Rounak drives the company’s vision to be the lender of choice promoting responsible home ownership, and ensuring that investors achieve financial independence through superior returns.


As one of a small group of fixed-income experts, Rounak serves as president of DAMI, a portfolio management firm that focuses on alternative fixed-income strategies, working to bring clients fixed income funds. He has a reputation for consistently delivering solid returns for his clients for last 14 years. “The financial industry is very personal and trust focused. Portfolio managers are known by strategy and reputation, so it’s important to me how I interact with my clients and portfolios.” he explains.


Rounak founded Mint Canadian Capital in 2019 after a successful 14-year career as a portfolio manager and just a year after launching DAMI. With expertise in portfolio construction, risk management, asset-liability management, credit market functions, structured product investments, and fixed-income product trading. Rounak launched Mint Canadian Capital with the mission of “bringing together investors and borrowers so that they can build on a wealthier future.” Rounak uses his financial skill and vast knowledge of the investment universe to help borrowers who were turned away from traditional lenders by seeing beyond the rigid restrictions and guidelines to find alternative lending solutions while also mitigating risks for investors—meeting the needs of both while providing consistent returns.

Originally from India, Rounak’s is an inspiring story of Canadian opportunities and first generation immigrant success! Rounak holds a MBA (finance) from the Tippie School of Business at the University of Iowa, USA and the chartered financial analyst (CFA) designation from CFA Institute underlying his fiduciary duty commitment to his clients. Rounak immigrated to Canada in 2003 and joined Aegon Capital Management (now Forester Asset Management), where held progressively senior investment roles before assuming the role of senior portfolio manager. In 2017, he joined Investors Group, as vice-president where he was responsible for managing a $2.2 billion fixed-income portfolio until he left in 2018 and launched DAMI, followed by Mint Canadian Capital.

In addition to his MBA, Rounak holds a bachelor’s degree from Punjab University Chandigarh, India, and a chartered investment manager designation from the Canadian Securities Institute.

Rounak Langhe


Durham Asset Management Inc.

22-190 Harwood Ave. South

Ajax, ON L1S 2H6

LinkedIn: Rounak Langhe

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