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Roxana Grosu

Roxana Grosu has been a successful global corporate leader and entrepreneur for 14 years, with her finger on the pulse of business far and wide. She’s been featured in CEO and CFO magazines and on Fox News and has led multinational companies with hundreds of locations worldwide. In February 2020, as she was running her own burgeoning company, she saw the COVID-19 pandemic racing across world and seized the opportunity to help. Roxana quickly pivoted and launched Houston-based Texas Medical Technology to fill the growing need for innovative medical supplies to keep people safe—from gowns to sanitation drones to self-propelled “germ” robots. “I thought, what will be needed? Everyone concentrated on masks, but I saw a niche for products that would be needed not just during the pandemic, but well beyond,” she explains. Roxana absolutely nailed it. Demand for her ingenious products skyrocketed—and so did her company. What started as a company with three founding members a little over a year ago is now a thriving organization with 173 employees and over $45 million in sales. “Demand has been nationwide; it’s been insane,” Roxana says.


Texas Medical Technology offers a number of robots designed to clean and sanitize areas quickly and efficiently, all carefully designed, developed, and tested. Products include the GermRover, a self-propelled robot designed to clean hospital floors, and the SaniDrone, a drone that can sanitize an entire stadium in 20 minutes. The company also supplies all the V.A. hospitals in the U.S. with their medical gowns and is currently in negotiations to supply SaniDrones to multiple stadiums as they prepare to reopen. And it’s not just cleaning robots. They’ve also developed the StepSafe, which automatically dispenses a sanitary shoe cover, and the SaniCart, a system for sanitizing shopping carts, which is already in use in major shopping centers in the country.


Roxana credits her team to the company’s success. “The company wouldn’t exist without my amazing employees,” she says. “I hired people with different backgrounds and skill sets, and I hire a lot of women. Eighty percent of my employees are female. They’re dedicated and persistent, both in pursuing business and being attentive to our clients.” As a woman working in a male-dominated field, Roxana knows how important it is to uplift other women and serve as a resource and role model for the emerging generations and break down remaining barriers to women in business. Having worked with a global company, she has the unique ability to connect people and has developed excellent communication, interpersonal, and presentation skills, including being fluent in English, German, and Romanian.


“What I enjoy most is that I know I’m making a difference in this difficult time, keeping our health care providers safe, and it’s very fulfilling to know we’re helping people who give so much back to us,” Roxana says. “This is a little bit I can contribute to help keep them safe with our gowns and robots.” She also encourages would-be entrepreneurs to go for their dreams. “I would tell them to never listen to anyone else’s fear, because when I was in college and I had a job in the government, everyone discouraged me from starting a business. They said, ‘You have a lifetime job, great pay, vacation.’ But it wasn’t enough for me. If you feel you can do something, follow it and take the risk.”


Roxana holds a degree in business administration and a certificate from Harvard business school in management/leadership.


Roxana Grosu

Owner — Texas Medical Company, LLC




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