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Roy Weber


Three years ago, Roy Weber was one of the countless frustrated hard-working professionals forced day in and day out to don stiff, uncomfortable, over-priced, office-appropriate clothing—that inevitably led to sweaty, wrinkled backs. Until one day, he could take it no more and set out on a mission to develop apparel to meet the demand of a modern generation, designed to look smart without sacrificing comfort. Now, at long last, no one has to ever again choose between looking sharp and feeling great with a revolutionary new line of technology-inspired clothing. Taking his 20 years of tech industry experts, Roy founded Weber Tech in 2019 to revolutionize clothing and develop superior apparel that is exceptionally crafted with innovative technology. After three years of research, development, testing, and retesting, in the fall of 2021, Weber Tech launched its debut line of clothing, “Light Years Ahead of Curve,” and it took off like a rocket.

Located in Texas, Weber Tech manufactures their high-performance, ultra-wicking, and always stylish T-shirts and polos right in the U.S. for both quality control and job creation, and they ship nationwide. Through extensive research, Roy combined cutting-edge textile technology with beautiful, timeless craftsmanship to create a high-performance line perfect for those who work long hours in front of a screen and need maximum comfort, cooling, and insulation, all while looking great on camera in person.

And customers are thrilled. Weber Tech’s debut line of 750 Tees sold out almost immediately. People love how the fabric is silky but retains crispness and how the wicking technology keeps them cool and dry all day. Soon, they’ll have even more to enjoy. Roy’s tech inspiration means he’s never done innovating and iterating, so there are already new lines in the works.

We sat down with Roy to hear more about the pivotal moment that inspired him to start Weber Tech and learn more about their exciting new designs and what keeps him inspired to create fabulous clothing for all.


What was the “final straw” moment that compelled you to leverage your 20 years of tech expertise to reinvent apparel?

I wanted to solve the problem of tech-driven clothes. Still, there was nothing on the market that was smart, comfortable, performance-oriented, and affordable without sacrificing quality. Even the premium brands weren’t of excellent quality. I spent hundreds of dollars on a “luxury’ shirt, and it ripped the first time I wore it. I was furious! I wanted something that would perform while also being something customers could afford.

Tell us a little about the process of designing and creating the shirts.

We source the fabric and manufacture everything here in the U.S. We’re one of the few to do that, but it gives us total control of the quality of every single piece. My original goal was to create apparel for people in the tech industry, but I soon realized it had a much broader appeal. Some are intrigued by the technology behind it, and others love what it does for them. So now I want this to be for everyone.


What’s one of the challenges of reinventing apparel?

The biggest challenge for a well-established brand and its reputation is combatting frauds and fakes. How can I prevent others from duplicating what I’ve created? So, I worked with an authentication company to put a unique tag with a QR code sewn into it. Customers can scan it with their phones to see if it’s authentic Weber Tech, and they’ll know immediately. Other companies cannot duplicate the code, so customers know they’re buying a real Weber Tech shirt, not a knockoff. They know they’re getting our quality.


You just launched a new performance tee line with your newest technology. How is this different from the original line?

The new performance tee line will have the same wicking and performance features but will include authentication tags. It will also have a more minimalistic look, with interior instead of exterior stitching and more stretch. Now people can choose from different looks based on their tastes; we wanted to give them more style choices.


You’re expanding beyond T-shirts and polos. What else can people look forward to?

We’ll be offering jeans soon, as well as button-down shirts and more, and we’re also currently in the design phase of a women’s apparel line.


What do you enjoy most about your work, Roy? What drives you?

I put so much time and sweat into making this product to be what it is today. Everything was built from my own money, with no investors or loans, because that’s how much I believe in this. I wanted total control over quality and to ensure everything was done right because this company, every piece of clothing, is me. So to see so many people enjoying our apparel makes our hard work, passion, and commitment so rewarding.



Roy Weber

Founder & CEO — Weber Tech





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