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Rudmeela appears in the Top 100

U.S. Business Leaders magazine.

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Rudmeela Nawsheen

From an early age, Rudmeela Nawsheen’s interest in engineering and entrepreneurship led her to envision the start of her own tech company—a dream that would one day become a reality. Named among the 50 Most Inspiring Bangladeshi Americans, she has honed her technology and business skills for over a decade in Silicon Valley, California, utilizing her technical and creative strengths to help people virtualize their imaginations. Rudmeela became one of the world’s few female founders of a robotics/AI corporation when she launched ConfigVR in 2016 and ConfigRbot four years later. As founder and CEO, she oversees operations, finances, business development, and client acquisition while her expert team specializes in a vast array of content development, especially augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR), animation, and renders. Based in the U.S and Asia, the team provides diverse solutions to industries including manufacturing, health care, defense, security, logistics, maintenance, automotive, and electronics. She launched ConfigRbot, her second start-up, with the goal of helping businesses implement automation to build the future. “Our mission is to help clients succeed in a world that is quickly moving toward robotics,” says the tech entrepreneur.


Rudmeela’s first startup, ConfigVR, is a business-to-business company that specializes in industrial, manufacturing, and automation process animation with the highest-quality renders and 4K videos. The company offers 3D modeling, game development, virtual tours, and content development for AR, VR and MR. The content is used for a variety of purposes, such as acquiring clients, obtaining funding, explaining the manufacturing process, training, advertising, and publishing for websites. “We maintain strict NDA rules and keep our clients’ IPs secure,” Rudmeela says. “Companies know they can trust us with their data and process. Any kind of content development our clients can imagine, we can build.”


Launched in Silicon Valley, CA, and Dhaka, Bangladesh, ConfigRbot works to promote business development between the two countries while taking the robotics industry to the next level. “Our aim is to power the transformation of society and industry to innovate a more productive and sustainable future,” says Rudmeela. ConfigRbot specializes in robotics, AI, chatbots, cybersecurity, loT, skill development, software solutions, and management tools. They have various AI based software solutions. The company is also planning to extend its R&D and training program in both countries.


While leading two groundbreaking companies might be the pinnacle of success for many, Rudmeela’s drive to innovate doesn’t stop there. Her plan is to combine the services of both companies to specialize in using AR and VR with robotics. AR, robotics, and VR can then team up to develop innovative applications for various organizations. “VR and AR can offer an immersive medium to operate robots, and with the help of low-latency networks, people can remotely utilize robots using intuitive AR and VR controls,” Rudmeela explains. AR, robotics, and VR can also be used together in various industry sectors such as manufacturing, robot training, healthcare, operations, space research, and exploration among many.


Rudmeela is a graduate of San Jose State University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering and a Master of Science in digital communications and multimedia with summa cum laude honor.




Rudmeela Nawsheen

Founder, CEO, and Tech Entrepreneur

ConfigRbot and ConfigVR





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