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Rudy Diaz

Rudy Diaz, the president and CEO of Hight Logistics, Inc., is a true pioneer in the trucking industry's zero-emissions movement in California. With over two decades of experience in the transportation and logistics sector, Rudy has tirelessly worked towards revolutionizing the way goods are moved while also reducing the industry's carbon footprint.


Hight Logistics, Inc., based in Long Beach, California, stands as a mid-sized logistics company specializing in drayage and warehousing services. Their mission is clear: to ensure the smooth and efficient movement of goods from the bustling Los Angeles/Long Beach ports to warehouses scattered across Southern California and the Western states. With a dedicated team of over 35 experienced employees, a sprawling 5-acre operational hub, and a fleet of electric trucks equipped with their own charging infrastructure, Hight Logistics offers clients a one-stop solution for their logistics needs. But Hight Logistics isn't just another logistics company; they are at the forefront of the zero-emissions movement. Rudy's strategic vision and planning have led the charge, with the company being one of the first in California to adopt zero-emission trucks powered by their own charging infrastructure. Their services go beyond drayage, including warehousing, transloads, cross-dock operations, chassis fleet, flexi-tank fitting, and more.


Hight Logistics is seeking to establish long-term partnerships with customers. With an impressive track record of handling over 10,000 containers annually, their name has become synonymous with reliability in the logistics industry. Their team of cargo experts is always ready to assist and consult, ensuring that clients' logistic needs are met efficiently and effectively.


We spoke with Rudy to learn more about what makes Hight Logistics unique, how they evolved, and their commitment to not only improving client experience, but bettering the environment.


Rudy, what distinguishes Hight Logistics from the competition?


One significant factor that sets us apart is our pioneering effort in constructing our electric infrastructure, primed to cater to our fleet of electric trucks powered by solar energy in the near future. This endeavor is a unique niche that, to my knowledge, only a handful, if even that, of companies in our industry are actively pursuing. We seek partnerships with companies that share our values of environmental responsibility, sustainability, and a genuine concern for their employees' well-being. We are particularly interested in collaborating with companies that are committed to meeting their customers' demands for sustainability and best practices. We firmly believe that working together with like-minded companies is essential, as collective efforts are the driving force behind making a meaningful and impactful difference in the world.


What inspired you to start your own logistics company?


What drove me to initiate this venture was the belief that I could deliver a superior service compared to my previous employment. I was motivated by a dedication to meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to enhancing the customer experience. I aspired to create an environment where I could exercise autonomy and swiftly implement decisions I deemed essential to provide an exceptional customer journey. The name Hight Logistics was inspired by a remarkable 9th-grade English teacher, Mr. James Hight. His mentorship left an indelible mark on my life during that period, making him an influential figure. To pay homage to his profound impact, I chose to name the company after him, a name that signifies our commitment to excellence and meaningful connections with our customers.


As a pioneer of the trucking industry’s zero-emissions movement in California, you are deeply committed to this mission. Tell us about your efforts in this regard, and why this is important to you.


The driving force behind my commitment to this mission is California's ambitious goal to electrify by 2035. While striving to meet these mandates, I've realized the broader significance—sustainability, environmental preservation, and improved air quality. Growing up in Los Angeles, I've experienced firsthand the air quality issues, particularly in economically disadvantaged areas. We aim to mitigate this problem, ensuring clean air for the present and future generations. However, pioneering zero-emissions in our industry isn't without its challenges. It often feels like navigating uncharted territory, filled with uncertainties and self-doubt. We're at the forefront, forging a new path without predefined guidance, yet, the pursuit of a sustainable future drives us to persist and persevere.


What is one piece of advice you’d share with aspiring leaders?


A valuable piece of advice for fellow leaders is to trust your instincts. When you have a deep sense that something is right, even if it goes against popular opinions or actions, it's crucial to follow your intuition. Don't be swayed by external noise, reluctance, or doubts from others. While seeking input and perspectives from others is beneficial, strive to reach a point where you can confidently act on what you truly believe is the right course of action. Lastly, surround yourself with people you trust, who share your vision and possibly partners, and with this in mind, I invited a partner, Gus Lozano, to join Hight Logistics, and he has helped steer and grow the business to where it is today.


What do you enjoy most about your work?


What brings me the greatest satisfaction in our work is the ability to bring joy to our customers by delivering the services they require with excellence. We actively seek to understand their concerns, frustrations, and challenges, aiming to alleviate their daily worries. This is what truly ignites my passion and what I find most fulfilling.



Rudy Diaz
President and CEO
Hight Logistics, Inc.

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