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Rui Goncalves

Rui Goncalves is a global consulting executive leader with over 10 years of experience in international management consulting, delivering bottom-line results the world over. Originally from Portugal, he started his career as an internal consultant at a company in France before moving to a global European firm. Six years ago, he moved to the U.S., where he founded Magellan Consulting Group in September of 2018. Magellan quickly achieved a worldwide footprint, and now has three global locations—Miami, Florida; Passo Fundo, Brazil; and Paris, France. The implementation management consulting boutique firm focuses on operations and supply chain, while bridging traditional consulting with digitalization and industry 4.0. For Rui, and for many of their international clients, it is the consulting company of the future, with digitalization and technology in the form of a “fourth Industrial Revolution,” changing how businesses operate and make decisions.


“Traditional implementation consulting firms are focused on processes and people, so they don’t take into consideration technology factor,” Rui explains. “Because they are both becoming foundational for all business, we are bridging those two elements.”


Over his decade of experience, Rui had seen how concentrating on only one aspect, “old school consulting”, led to a gap in quality of service, and he founded Magellan to fix this problem by combining implementation management consulting with technology and advanced data analytics. In doing so, companies no longer have to work with multiple vendors that provide fragmented services, but with a single, robust team of experts. “That’s our goal as a business, it’s not technology or data, it’s using those elements on a daily basis to help our clients be better prepared to make decisions on every level,” Rui says. “That’s the difference between us and a tech company that comes and installs technology, because that will be just installation of software, not management interaction with the tool. We bring the expertise to help them make the most of those tools.”


Rui’s vision for the future of consulting is one of problem-solving and one where all businesses will rely on information technology and data analytics—and Magellan is leading the way. But the most important element, according to Rui, is sustainability. “Without technology today, management solutions cannot be sustainable. If processes are not embedded into a system, they will not be used consistently,” he explains. “Our Engagement slogan is ‘no Excel left behind.’ Many companies suffer from using Excel spreadsheets, but not technology, and therefore the processes and management tools are not sustainable.”


As Magellan serves a growing number of clients the world over, Rui’s international experience from working and living in different cultures and countries allows him profound insight into how to bridge those gaps between global companies, as well. “We really live in a global society now, so companies need to align with global competitors to remain competitive. You really need to be the best in the world,” he explains. But for all his clients, whether domestic or multinational, what Rui truly enjoys is creating a system and seeing it implemented in a way that allows everyone benefit. “Even though processes and companies are very similar from a consulting standpoint, the unique way they execute and create value is really what drives me,” he says. “With our model, our projects give a substantial Return on Investment—anywhere from 300% to 1,000% - creating more wealth for everyone, including our clients, their employees, and our employees and associates – wealth creation for all stakeholders is our ultimate goal.”


Rui Goncalves

Founder & CEO — Magellan Consulting Group




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