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Top 100 People in Finance

Russell Luce

With over 25 years of experience, Russell Luce boasts a diverse background in the financial services industry. He has held many titles including advisor, unit manager, assistant managing director, managing director, founder, and senior partner. Today, Russell serves as senior partner of Planning Legacies Financial Group.

However, Russell admits that he did not originally plan to be in financial services. He entered the work force as a military police officer and then went into construction after leaving the Army. Still, he considers his decision to move into the finance industry “typical” because his background was service oriented, and most of the insurance companies he worked with focused on customer service. Russell also notes that he comes from both a “blue-collar and white-collar background.” Therefore, he naturally prides himself in being a hard-working professional who “rolls his sleeves up to get the job done.”

In fact, Russell’s work ethic is evident through his multiple designations, which began when he became a registered financial consultant (RFC). He then went on to obtain the life underwriting training council fellow (LUTCF) designation as well as that of fraternal insurance counselor (FIC). Currently, Russell is in the process of becoming a chartered special need consultant (ChSNC).

From 1992 until 2007, Russell worked as part of “corporate America.” However, by 2008, he had grown tired of working for other people and decided it was time to strike out and establish his own company. He started Planning Legacies Financial Group as a sole proprietor and built a team of five to ten members with specific expertise.

For several years, Russell looked for a successor because the average age of a financial advisor is 56, and 82% do not have a succession plan. He knew he did not want to leave his clients without a capable person to take over his business when he retires. Fortunately, last year Russell found a young lady who fit his criteria and brought her on as his partner. He says that Tara Nolan is as driven and hard working as he is. She has been in the finance business for five years, her grandfather for 40 years, and her mother for 35 years. Altogether, Tara’s family has over 100 years of experience in the industry, which makes Russell feel confident that his clients will receive superior service for many years to come.


In addition to his new partner, Russell says that his group is unique because they look at things holistically for their clients. At Planning Legacies Financial Group, their expertise is special needs planning and senior planning, which includes Medicare, retirement, and income planning. Russell argues that it is essential to ask a series of questions in order to find out what is objectively best for each client. As a father of five children (two of whom are autistic), he has a vested interest in special needs planning, and he cares about the families who need it. Russell explains, “Money is not what drives me; what drives me is doing my job right.”


Russell Luce RFC, LUTFC, FIC

Founder and Senior Partner

Planning Legacies Financial Group ꟾ LifeMark Securities Corp. 

17199 N. Laurel Park Drive, Suite 210

Livonia MI 48152



Twitter: @RLuce721

Facebook: @RLuce721


Disclaimer: Russell G. Luce is a Registered Representative and Investment Advisor Representative of LifeMark Securities Corp. Branch Office: 17199 N. Laurel Park Drive, Suite 210, Livonia MI 48152, 1-800-245-6794, Member FINRA/SIPC, LifeMark Related Email:,

Planning Legacies Financial Group is Not Affiliated with Lifemark Securities Corp.

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