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Ryan Garland


Ryan Garland is CEO and founder of Paradyme Companies, a small family office that specializes in real estate investments. Based in Temecula, California, the firm serves clients across the state and throughout the U.S. and works with investors worldwide, including Europe and the UAE. Under Ryan’s direction, the company has exploded from a newly minted $100-$200 million single-family fix-and-flip outfit in 2015 to become the masters of large-scale commercial workout turnarounds with $1.5 billion in the pipeline—gaining them a reputation as the real estate investment gurus of the Inland Empire.

With over 16 years in real estate investing, construction and management oversight, and specific expertise in both debt and equity, Ryan’s experience is broader than most back office or underwriting professionals. His uniquely expansive skills and knowledge, fired by his passion for real estate investing, have garnered him the award as the #1 Top Originator in California for four consecutive years and recognition in Top Producers Magazine.

“Real estate is the number one investment vehicle for a retirement plan, so I’m excited to be able to offer a way for everyone to benefit, not just the wealthy.”

Paradyme offers investors a full, comprehensive team approach to investing led by an extensive, seasoned team and board of advisors, which includes John Finton, the number one high-end celebrity homebuilder in the world. The company serves as a commercial lender with a primary focus on small commercial buildings, single-family fix-and-flip, and ground-up construction development. As a small family office, Paradyme offers unique funding components designed to cater to a range of investors, from affluent to Main Street clients, including the pending launch of a $100 million dollar 506c REG D debt fund which will provide passive income to investors. Along with launching a $300 million dollar distressed/recovery fund focused on workout turnarounds.

“I didn’t come from an Ivy League school; I had to start from ground up, so when I started Paradyme, I wanted to help the working class, like myself—police officers, firefighters, teachers, etc.—get involved in a retirement plan and invest in real estate so that they’re set for the future,” Ryan shares.

As the visionary leader of Paradyme, Ryan serves as fund manager focused on managing investor capital while acting as the driving force behind its mission, growth, and family office management—all built on the unwavering foundation of transparency. “I serve as a lender and a limited partner to my clients, and transparency is of utmost importance to me. I want our investors to feel comfortable that their money is being spent properly,” he says.

Among its range of funds is Paradyme’s crowdfunding component, a REG A+ Tier II fund, which allows them to raise money with both credited and non-credited investors. In response to the financial hardships engulfing people everywhere in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ryan is launching a $100 million income fund as a way to help. The fund will allow him to raise money with accredited investors who want to benefit from commercial real estate investment returns. As a passive income play, the fund provides investors with quarterly dividends, instead of having to wait for a property to sell to get the profit.

“With people losing their jobs because of COVID, I wanted to help people with this fund and do mortgages on properties to give them a regular return to offset their loss of income,” Ryan shares. “We at Paradyme wholeheartedly embrace our obligation as citizens and as leaders, and I’m proud that we’re able to help people succeed not only during this most trying time, but throughout their lives.”


Ryan Garland

CEO & Founder — Paradyme Companies


Temecula, CA



Download the magazine and see Ryan's feature on page 61.

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