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Ryan Hillis


The fastest-growing grilled cheese concept in North America, Meltwich Food Co. is known for crafting some of the most comforting culinary creations around. Specializing in irresistible grilled cheese sandwiches, the company also offers smash burgers and Philly cheesesteaks, along with different variations of cheese fries and milkshakes. “If you look at the menu, the most unique part is definitely the grilled cheese category, and there’s really nobody else in the world doing it on the scale that we are,” says Ryan Hillis, Meltwich’s EVP and global development officer. With special emphasis in the area of business development, Ryan serves as the brand’s cheerleader-in-chief. “Everything about the brand is just a little bit funky and different,” he shares. “I’m out here letting people know who we are, and what we’re about.”


Dedicated to forever changing expectations, the company anticipates a surplus of upcoming activity stateside, specifically in the Texas, Florida, New York, New Jersey, and Michigan markets—and that’s just the start. As the liaison between franchise partners and the main office, Ryan also heads up real estate efforts and manages team members through onboarding and training, overseeing the organization’s rapid expansion into the United States market. “It’s incredibly rewarding to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams,” he states. “From the first meeting, to finding that perfect location and all the excitement, there’s such a buildup and it’s remarkable to be part of it.”


The son of a small business owner, Ryan learned from his dad the art of discipline, which later served as the foundation for his future success. “As a child, I always saw him getting up every day for work—rain or shine, sick or not,” he recalls. “He worked so hard and really instilled that mentality in me from an early age.” On the professional side, Ryan counts the company’s COO, Tom Mavrou, among his mentors. “For a while, it was us running up and down the country, from coast to coast, just out there pounding the pavement. Tom taught me the business and together we signed a lot of deals in that really short period, which was such a special time.”


Ryan has a degree from Mohawk College in business management and business marketing.


Ryan Hillis

EVP & Global Development Officer — Meltwich Food Co.



Instagram: @meltwichcanada

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