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Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Ryan Link


In a time when meaningful human interaction is becoming increasingly rare, and most calls to a place of business are answered by a recorded list of options from which to choose, Ryan Link is proudly leading a company that does things the old-fashioned way—and his customers love him for it. He is the founder and managing director of Cayoosh Creek Welding and Fabrication Ltd.  Located in Surrey, British Columbia, where old-school service means everything.  Customers know that when they call, a human will answer the phone and if it’s not Ryan, well, he can be found in the field, working right alongside his crew. He strives to create long-term relationships with his customers, who can expect reliability and consistency from Cayoosh Creek in everything from quality of work to pricing. “We’re hardworking, honest, straight-shooters who do our best to do a great job. From concepts to execution, we ensure our clients achieve their goals on time and on budget,” Ryan says. And hard work is something that he knows well.

Over a decade ago, Ryan was a twenty-something roughneck for Precision Drilling in Alberta, but he had entrepreneurial ambitions. In 2010, he achieved that goal, bootstrapping the existence of Cayoosh Creek, a licensed welding contractor serving GVRD. As a trade contractor, they specialize in pressure pipe and structural steel fabrication and installation.  Providing a variety of business-to-business services to the piping industry; such as pipe cutting, grooving, High definition plasma profiling, fabrication and  welding.  Frequently working with general and mechanical contractors in commercial and industrial construction and maintenance, Cayoosh Creek has completed over 1,500 projects in varying scope and size, including heavy industrial work and public infrastructure projects. They also offer design and installation services for steel contracting, and recently developed on-site, advanced automated manufacturing capabilities, which allow customers to subcontract various manual tasks to them, reducing labor hours and increasing workforce efficiency.

Forging innovative solutions like these for his customers is, ultimately, what it’s all about for Ryan, and he thrives on the challenge. “The construction industry is a tough business, with many opportunities for learning and growth,” he shares. “It’s the challenges and rewards of personal development that have made me who I am today.”


Ryan Link

Founder & Managing Director — Cayoosh Creek Welding & Fabrication Ltd.



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