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Ryan Myers

Ryan Myers’s career has always been about making people’s lives better. As CEO of SparkRise, he’s continuing his mission. SparkRise is a premier digital community that unites causes, companies, celebrities and engaged activists, collectively empowering them to spark change. The SparkRise model is designed to benefit nonprofits at no cost to them. Sponsors receive an ROI equivalent to traditional advertising campaigns, while raising awareness for the nonprofits they support. Both entities gain relationships with newly engaged supporters and customers. “Nonprofits need more innovative and effective ways to generate funds, and we’re grateful to be able to fulfill that role,” Ryan says.


An entrepreneur for 15 years, Ryan was a founding member of Flaggpole in 2012 and led the company’s M&A by SparkRise in 2020. Now, with Brad Koepenick and Nancy Davies, he leads the company’s mission to benefit nonprofits and schools across the U.S. Ryan draws on years of experience in marketing, branding, and strategic planning with organizations such as the American Cancer Society, before moving to his role as VP of marketing for a financial company where he tripled lead growth and led it to a Best Place to Work Award. He then entered the startup world with TalentSpring, which was acquired by Talent Technology, then co-founded Grocery Cart Savings—winner of NWEN’s Startup of the Year Award.


SparkRise’s campaigns range from digital media campaigns to live special events, like the recent “Val’s Potluck Movie Night featuring Top Gun.” Hosted from Val Kilmer’s HelMel Studio, the event was held in-person and streamed live to support the USO, with participation from 15 celebrities, along with brand co-sponsors, who gained considerable visibility. “Brands spend millions on social campaigns. Through SparkRise, they get the same ROI, but benefit from cause marketing exposure, celebrity visibility, and best of all, the money goes to support great causes.”


For Ryan, it’s about leaving the world a better place for future generations. “Our team is deeply committed to making a positive difference in the world through campaigns ranging from planting trees to those supporting our Vets.” Ryan is excited about their recent roll out of profile pages on their website because now people can track their philanthropic impact and help drive significant change, which is exactly Ryan’s vision.


Ryan Myers

CEO — SparkRise

Website: www.sparkrise.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryanmyers01/