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What inspires you to work in the mortgage industry?

I love the challenges that are inherent in every mortgage loan scenario. There is always a protagonist, with a background story and a problem to solve. I like to co-create the story to facilitate a “happy ending.” In today’s complex lending environment, and with so many people having experienced financial difficulties in the past, matching a client with the right financing solutions can require creative thinking, which is my calling. I naturally tend to solve problems which many other mortgage professionals give up on. It’s particularly rewarding to help a client who was told he or she cannot get approved for a mortgage.

How do you find solutions where other mortgage companies/mortgage professionals do not?

My professional background is more extensive than that of a typical mortgage broker. I began my career over twenty years ago in the financial planning industry and have a solid understanding of finance and tax planning, along with a tremendous amount of knowledge of variant mortgage products and credit reporting. A mortgage challenge stimulates my creativity. I conduct a thorough analysis of my clients’ financial situation and through my access to a wide variety of mortgage programs and tools, I’m able to find great solutions for my borrowers.

Do you specialize in any particular mortgage programs?

Since I’ve built my brand and reputation on finding solutions to challenging problems, the so-called non-conforming, or “outside of the box” programs naturally became our firm’s niche. I have access to many alternative mortgage programs, including Stated Income, No Documentation, ITIN, Foreign Nationals and Diplomats, Fix-and-Flip, No Seasoning on Foreclosure, Short Sale and Bankruptcy.  Of course, we also offer all of the conventional programs at competitive interest rates and fast approval times.

Tell us a bit about your educational background.

I consider education to be a journey, rather than a destination, and constantly expose myself to new and different sources of knowledge and training. As a young person, I had a great interest for social science and psychology and completed a dual bachelor’s program in political science and sociology at the University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I was also enrolled in the master’s program in political science and sociology at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, and chose to interrupt the program just before graduation, when the opportunity to move to the US presented itself. Since then, I’ve obtained numerous FINRA certifications, including Series 6, Series 7, and Series 63, along with insurance licensure for life & health and property & casualty, and of course, my real estate license. In addition, I’ve completed all course requirements for a CFP Exam with the American College in Brynn Marr, Pennsylvania. Presently, I’m enrolled in the Master of Business Program with Jack Welch Management Institute, and enjoy learning about leadership in the 21st Century.

What and whom do you contribute your success to?

Achieving my current status in life and business is a result of several factors that shaped who I am as a person, and how I evolved as a professional. First, I have a perpetual desire to succeed and do better, as well as a constant quest for knowledge. Second, the most important people in my life, my parents and my dear husband, Alexander, have always selflessly supported my ambitions and efforts to succeed. Most importantly, my six-year old twins, Sophia and Daniel, are the sources of my eternal love, energy, and inspiration to do well and I endeavor to serve as a role model who they can look up to. Lastly, and equally significant, the person who brought out my best “business self” is my coach, J.T. Foxx, who is creating success stories with his students worldwide.

What’s next for Sabina Mortgage?

Our company has experienced a growth in excess of 300% in 2018 and we are planning to triple that by the end of 2019. We have a team of talented, loyal, young executives and marketing specialists and we are all enthusiastic about the future of the company. We prioritize our respective personal and professional advancement and have committed to a plan that will make a difference in the community by sharing the wealth and helping those who are less fortunate.

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