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Saeed Zeinali

Saeed Zeinali, a seasoned entrepreneur, startup advisor and business development consultant, epitomizes the role of a catalyst in the realm of entrepreneurial growth. With a profound commitment to fostering innovation and internationalization, Saeed serves as a pivotal bridge for startups seeking to navigate the complex landscape of business expansion.

Armed with a master’s degree in engineering from the University of Windsor, Saeed's academic foundation lays the groundwork for his multifaceted career journey. His early foray into project management and project finance within the oil and gas sector, notably at Total Meter Services, afforded him invaluable insights into operational intricacies and strategic foresight.

However, it was Saeed's entrepreneurial spirit that truly came to the fore when he co-founded TranQool, Canada’s leading virtual mental health platform. Under his stewardship, TranQool burgeoned into a nationwide phenomenon, boasting a network of over 150 providers and tens of thousands of users across Canada. Saeed's adeptness in securing equity financing and navigating governmental support mechanisms was instrumental in TranQool's ascendancy, culminating in its eventual acquisition by HumanaCare.

Since 2019, Saeed has seamlessly transitioned into the realm of advisory, wielding his expertise to empower startups on their journey to success. His tenure at NEXT Canada and Manitoba Technology Accelerator underscores his unwavering commitment to nurturing early-stage ventures, as does his involvement with Social Venture Zone. Saeed also co-founded EdgeCollab as a business consultancy firm dedicated to supporting startups and created FundsFarm to help high-growth startups access financing from value-add investors, which illustrates his broader pledge to fostering social impact and innovation.


Saeed Zeinali
Startup Advisor and Business Development Consultant
Instagram: Saeed.Zeinali.d

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