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Saket appears in the Top 100 

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Saket Sahoo


With over 2 decades of global experience in business process management and strategic change, Saket Sahoo is an ace at building effective teams and exceeding corporate goals. Specializing in business transformation, M&A, transition expertise, portfolio acquisition, and servicing strategy, Saket has a global background in accounts receivables and management. As someone skilled at designing and implementing customer experience solutions, Saket has achieved significant growth in stakeholder value for companies as both a shareholder and executive leader.


He co-founded Connect BPS alongside his partner based in South Africa and together, in late 2022 they formed a joint venture with a well-established strategic partner. Now, with over 2,500 employees and global presence in North America, the Caribbean, Africa and South Asia, the company works to connect enterprises with high-quality, low-cost solutions. “We started Connect BPS to help relatively smaller financial services businesses scale up and thrive by providing state-of-the art infrastructure, technology, resources, and solutions to the companies that don’t have the capacity to do it themselves,” Saket states.


Prior to launching Connect BPS, Saket worked for various organizations including Affinity Global, AR Management Group, Radius Solutions, Sallie Mae, Capita, and Vertex. While Saket leads his own thriving firm, throughout his career, he's served as a key proponent of the growth of the BPO industry across various geographies, including  the U.S., United Kingdom, Canada, India, Jamaica, South America, and South Africa, which he considers one of his greatest accomplishments.


Saket holds a bachelor’s in engineering along with Prince2, PMP, and Six Sigma certifications.


Saket Sahoo

Managing Partner — Connect BPS





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