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Sam Drauschak


Sam Drauschak, a co-founder and the chief process scientist at Truvle, has left an indelible mark on the world of business through his creation of the Truvle Mapping Language (TML). This universally recognized process mapping language has been adopted by numerous global enterprises, positioning Sam as a leading figure in the field. His ultimate objective is to empower businesses to eradicate inefficiencies and attain success by leveraging innovative tools, software, and expert content.


Truvle's mission is to simplify methods and tools into software solutions that enable true, sustainable value creation for businesses and their broader ecosystem. Recognizing the ubiquity and costliness of traditional consulting, the company aims to make process analysis and consulting accessible to businesses of all sizes. By encapsulating replicable methodologies into affordable software, Truvle seeks to level the playing field, enabling organizations to optimize their processes effectively. In this endeavor, Sam assumes a pivotal role in driving company performance to new heights. Through the development of cutting-edge strategies, he orchestrates the attainment of organizational goals and, by embracing data-driven methodologies and lean practices, he optimizes operational efficiency.


Sam boasts an impressive consulting background spanning over a decade. During this time, he has partnered with a wide array of companies across industries such as financial services, resources, legal services, media, and digital services. His accomplishments, however, extend well beyond his role at Truvle. He is the author of Becoming a Conscious Business: Expand Your Life & Work Through the Science of Energy Flow, and has an array of certifications, including the Design Thinking Approach from IDEO; CMMI Associate; Prosci Change Practitioner; Scrum Master (CSM); ITIL®V3 Foundation; Project Management Professional (PMP); and Six Sigma Black Belt.


Sam holds an MBA from the University of Richmond and a bachelor's degree in biology with a minor in psychology from the University of Virginia.



Sam Drauschak
Co-Founder/Chief Process Scientist

Truvle’s LinkedIn:
Instagram: @TruvleBrand

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