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Samantha appears in the
Top 40 Under 40 magazine.

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Samantha Ybarra

As a partner at the esteemed Alvarado & Ybarra Law Firm, Samantha Ybarra brings a deep commitment to serving her clients in the realm of family law. Collaborating closely with her fellow partner, Anthony Alvarado, Samantha co-manages the firm, ensuring that their clients receive the utmost attention and care.


With a specialization in family law, Samantha's expertise encompasses divorce and custody issues, including high-net-worth divorce cases. Having witnessed the shortcomings of larger and boutique law firms, Samantha is driven by a mission to prioritize the client above all else. She firmly believes that clients should have direct access to the attorney they hire, not intermediaries. Accordingly, Samantha remains highly accessible, offering thorough explanations and providing emotional support throughout the entire legal process.


Throughout her journey, Samantha has worked with various organizations, including the district attorney's office, non-profits, and Casa, where she advocated for children in the adoption system. Her experiences have honed her skills as an advocate and inspired her unwavering commitment to improving the lives of others. Samantha gained valuable experience across different legal domains, from criminal defense to immigration with Catholic Charities of Dallas. This diverse background has shaped her into a well-rounded attorney with a unique perspective.


Samantha holds an undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University and a JD from South Texas College of Law. She has been recognized by the National Academy of Family Law Attorneys with a Top 10 Attorneys Under 40 Award and was named one of the Top Attorneys by Fort Worth Magazine.


As Samantha continues her unwavering commitment to advocating for those facing family law challenges, her clients benefit from her compassionate guidance, legal expertise, and the assurance that their best interests remain at the forefront.


Samantha Ybarra
Alvarado & Ybarra Law Firm

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