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Samina Chowdhury

Imagine the volume of sales and number of agents you would need to be known as one of the largest real estate franchises in the world. Now imagine what it would take to be the #1 team for that franchise. Then, try to perceive what goes into being the Top Producing Agent for that team. Samina Chowdhury is that Top Producing Agent of that #1 team in the world, for that largest real estate franchise in the world. Let that sink in for a minute.

Samina’s team is the Lucido Agency, and they are part of the Keller Williams brokerage. Located in Maryland and comprised of more than 285 team members who serve the markets of 16 states across the U.S. and Canada, this group sells a home every 3.5 hours! And they’re still expanding.

Samina, a luxury real estate specialist and trusted Dave Ramsey agent, helps to drive the team with their combined experience and ever-present enthusiasm. Not only do they have mind-boggling sales stats, but this group, with Samina at the forefront, is changing lives while redefining the service, purpose, and future of real estate.

Samina has been in the field of real estate for almost two decades and with the Lucido Agency since 2013. An expert on luxury properties, specializing in million-dollar-plus listings, she’s completed over 1,000 transactions valued in the hundreds of millions and assembled a client roster worthy of their own recognition. In the process, she’s made some very prominent contacts and friends, among them, members of Congress, international diplomats, and affluent families. Yet, despite her reach and influence, or the $30 million in sales she recorded amidst a global pandemic in 2021, Samina is the antithesis of self-absorbed. Her focus on each and every sale is, and always will be, her client. In words that truly reflect her very essence, Samina shares, “I help people achieve their dream home goals and guide them with great care, integrity, and expediency.”

Putting clients in their dream homes doesn’t begin to scratch the surface when it comes to Samina’s acuity. She personifies everything that one could hope for or want in a leader, as an agent, and as a person. This has been especially meaningful to the largest segment of her business—the international community. Over the past 19 years, Samina has helped numerous families from other countries purchase real estate in America, and, as an immigrant herself, she is acutely aware of what is involved with assimilation into a new environment. She knows the importance of preserving one’s culture and lifestyle, and this is not only essential to communications and connecting with her clients, but in understanding the style and features of a property that they can call “home.” In addition to speaking Bengali, Urdu, Hindi, and English, she is a Certified Negotiation Expert, Certified Distressed Property Expert, and a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Agent. Hers is a story that was seeded from passion and cultivated by skill, ultimately blossoming into a career that is both profound and magnificent.

We spoke with Samina about her background, her unique selling system, and what drives her to serve clients with such empathy and dedication.

Samina, tell us a little about your personal story and how it relates to your international clientele.

I was born in Kolkata, India—the second of five children. My father was an entrepreneur who owned several businesses and founded the first private-sector bank in Bangladesh. He later became the Secretary of State for Bangladesh. I attended a British school. This provided me not only a first-rate education, but a keen awareness of diversity. My mother was a homemaker who often hosted lavish parties for family, friends, diplomats, and many high-profile individuals. She was a natural when it came to entertaining and designing, which I naturally absorbed. I am always reminded of those times when I host my own social events and when I infuse some of that culture—that “hominess.” It is really welcoming to my international clientele. Both of my parents emphasized the importance of appreciating other cultures, and that is something that I share with clients, as well as my own family. My husband, Imran, and I have been in Maryland for 30 years, but we haven’t lost a morsel of our traditions or values, and we instill them in our own children.

Tell us a little about the slogan “Sell it Like Samina.”

I was looking to invest in real estate. My fledgling business gained incredible momentum after I received coaching from Brian Buffini and then Ryan Serhant, who actually came up with that tagline. It’s now a fundamental aspect of my brand.

What is your “unique selling system” and how does it benefit your clients?

In short, I listen to their needs. In this profession, you must be able to interpret the subtext of what clients verbalize. For instance, one of my clients was moving from Los Angeles and told me she needed a short commute time to her stressful job in the city, and a living environment that was peaceful, where she could unwind in peace. But her needs were contradictory because urban life and quiet don’t exist on the same plane, so it was my job to show her both environments so that she could envision living in each of them, and allow her to make the right choice.

One of your specialties is helping international clients maintain their cultures and lifestyles in their U.S. homes. Tell us about this.

Most of my clients are from different countries and many are from the Middle East or Southeast Asia. I understand this culture and know what they need in a new home. Entertaining is a major part of our culture, so parking is a primary consideration in a prospective property. I won’t even show a house that can’t accommodate this need. Often, women and men occupy different areas of the home, so a good fit must include more than just one living room. Vastu, the Indian term for feng shui, is very important to some Indians because families who practice it cannot have property that faces south. It is also a very service-oriented culture—in India, guests are welcomed with every conceivable form of hospitality, and that is something I bring to my own standard of service. It’s what sets me apart from other agents.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Making that “connection”—where the service and support shows through. When you care about your clients and their needs, it is very easy to know what to focus on. It’s so fulfilling to help them attain their goals, to respect their cultural needs, and to use creative thinking when the pieces don’t go together easily. There’s a reason God has given us two ears and one mouth. You listen to people’s needs, and then see what you can do to cater to them.

Samina is the co-founder of Women 4 Empowerment, a nonprofit in Maryland that supports underserved women and girls who face social or economic challenges. She was featured in, Baltimore Magazine, Baltimore Real Producers Magazine, and recognized as one of top 4% of agents out of 12,000 agents in state of Maryland for 2021.       


Samina Chowdhury
Partner and Luxury Agent
Keller Williams Lucido Agency
TikTok: @sellitlikesamina
YouTube:  #Sell It Like Samina

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