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Sandrine Milante

Sandrine Milante is deeply passionate about environmental and social responsibility. Continually striving to be a champion of change and improvement, she not only leads by example through her own business practices, but also through community involvement. Her manufacturing expertise is widely recognized across Quebec, and, over her career, she has won numerous awards for her leadership as well as her social and environmental stewardship. For the last 15 years, she has focused heavily on sustainable and responsible packaging solutions, taking action in 2009, when she founded EcoloPharm, which has proudly held a B Corp Certification since 2019.

EcoloPharm, located in Chambly, Quebec, designs and manufactures innovative, sustainable pharmaceutical packaging to help pharmacies reduce their environmental impact. “My primary mission is to change the world of pharmacy by continuously improving our eco-design processes in order to significantly minimize the impact of single-use packaging on the environment,” Sandrine says. “As a manufacturer, we have the responsibility to find ways to make a better product while generating less waste. Each of our solutions generates the lowest environmental footprint possible.”

Pharmacies are the second-largest producer of plastic waste, with each pharmacy producing up to six tons each year. As the first to offer eco-friendly packaging products to pharmacies, EcoloPharm’s impact in reducing this waste is far reaching, helping to safeguard against 262 tons of plastic and 1001 tons of CO2, annually. A leader in the industry, the company has doubled in the last six years alone, and currently supplies nearly 40% of Canadian pharmacies—all of which are embracing this innovative change and engaged in making a difference. As the steward of largest manufacturer of prescription vials in Canada, Sandrine credits her customers for the positive impact EcoloPharm has been able to make. “We offer them the opportunity to be agents of change in an industry that hasn’t seen change in 40 years,” she says. “Collaboration and education are key. Companies must take responsibility and be part of the solution, not the source of the problem.”

Sandrine is the vice president of the board of directors for both the Sustainable Industry Council and the CCIVR and is a member of the FCCQ’s Green Economy Issue Table and the Regional Economic Development Committee of Investissement Quebec.


Sandrine Milante

Founder, President, & CEO — EcoloPharm


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