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Saprina Allen

As president of Main Street Asset Solutions, a California-based mortgage-servicing company, Saprina Allen is determined to keep homeowners in their homes. She sees a house as more than a tangible asset—it is a home where memories are made and families flourish. She sees borrowers as more than names on a contract—they are people with hopes, dreams, challenges, and triumphs. “There is a heartbeat in every home,” Saprina says.

Saprina joined the company five years ago, bringing 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry and specialized expertise in foreclosures and nonperforming loans. She began her career in the foreclosure division at a big bank, but found that their indifferent attitude conflicted with her values. “I didn’t like how the big banks handled foreclosures. There was limited room for creativity,” she explains. “I made a decision to get into a position to empower homeowners, to be creative and keep them in their homes.”

In 2005, she took a position at a hedge fund that bought distressed mortgages, where she could be inventive while handling the secondary market of note investing and mortgage origination. She used her creativity and knowledge ultimately to reduce foreclosures. In 2009, she joined a $60 million hedge fund, where she focused on large buys and homeowner retention. Within her first 24 months, she turned nonperforming into performing mortgages.

Saprina is no stranger to life challenges. At 16, she was a teen mom and was forced to decline a full ride to college to raise her son. However, her determination to succeed drove her to obtained her degree in accounting and finance from Kent State University and achieve an impressive career. Given her own experiences, she empathizes with her clients, and uses her skills to empower them to help them keep their homes.

In 2014, she joined Main Street Asset Solutions—a company that shares her fundamental value of compassion. “We are not a cookie-cutter company. We take the time to explain things to our investors when they don’t understand. We educate when there is a lack of knowledge. We will go into a grey area to find a solution, all while remaining complaint,” she explains. “We are putting America back on its feet one mortgage at a time.”

To help others achieve their dreams of a bright future, Saprina serves on the board of NOW, No Opportunity Wasted, an organization that helps children prepare for SATs and college prep.


Saprina Allen

President — Main Street Asset Solutions

1475 Terminal Way

Reno, NV

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