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Sarah Barkwill, BAH, CHRM

Sarah Barkwill is the founder and CEO of Eyes on HR Consulting Solutions Corp., a Canadian-based firm with a global reach that helps businesses align with their overarching objectives. Founded in 2020, the firm brought in six figures during its first year alone with a diverse roster of clients in various business sectors—a clear testament to not only the company’s success, but Sarah’s commitment to helping enterprises thrive. The privately owned firm champions the idea of a supportive employee culture, where happy employees generate satisfied customers and more profit, with independent consultants who view employee engagement as a critical component for the overall success of an organization. As such, they partner with clients who recognize the value of investing in the employee experience, operating under the pretense that client successes and their own are essentially one and the same. With special focus on companies who count employees among their greatest assets, Eyes on HR Consulting Solutions provides bespoke programs for each business based on their unique objectives.

The process starts with a business assessment session to better understand the company’s strengths and weaknesses along with their strategic objectives. From there, the team at Eyes on HR Consulting Solutions analyzes the information and uses it to curate tailored programs that increase employee engagement, productivity, and profitability. Prior to launching the company, Sarah's experience as an executive director of human resources as well a senior HR consultant has given Sarah an intimate understanding of the priorities of larger organizations, with regard to talent management and shifting company culture. Her extensive experience serves as the foundation for her latest professional endeavor. Now, as the leader of her own flourishing firm, Sarah leads her team of talented culture designers, and engages with clients at the strategic level, while effectively managing every aspect of the business. Together, Sarah and her changemakers are empowering organizations to reach their full potential while maximizing profits.

Sarah holds a B.A. with honors from Queens University and an HR Management Certificate from Ryerson University.

Sarah Barkwill, BAH, CHRM

Founder & CEO — Eyes on HR Consulting Solutions Corp.



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