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Sarah appears in the 2020 Top 100 Canadian Professionals Magazine

Sarah Seale

Sarah Seale is the CEO of Seale and Garland Consulting and one of four managing partners of Cannabis Global Consultants, Inc., both based in Canada. As a business strategist with over 15 years of experience on the international market and five years of exclusive expertise in the cannabis sector, she assists businesses and international governments with navigating the unique challenges of the industry. During the course of her career, which started in the franchise sector, Sarah has worked with over 34 countries and uses that experience to provide cannabis companies with a broad range of solutions, including business strategies, HR, distribution, and organizational structuring. “Any area you can think of in the cannabis arena, or affiliated with it, I’m working with it,” she shares.

As an entrepreneur with exclusive focus on the cannabis sector, Sarah has launched three successful companies in the past five years and helped over 20 others grow within the cannabis industry. With a reputation as a trusted advisor, she holds a range of knowledge, skill, and insight that is uncommonly broad—and supremely effective. She serves clients across the cannabis universe, from licensed producers to distribution companies, growers, extractors and companies operating within the tech sector.

In 2019, Sarah, along with her partner, Harwant Garland, founded the Toronto-based, Seale and Garland Consulting, which serves small and large companies and many of the Canadian-licensed producers. She and her group of high-level HR consultants, each with extensive knowledge in the complex issues related to the cannabis industry, help their clients set themselves up for operational success. They assist with employee recruitment, business strategies, organizational structure, and setting up HR departments to accommodate the rapid growth and change seen in this industry .“We help our clients to strategically build their company with a human resources focus, both financially and responsibility. We work not only with startups, but also with well-established companies that need external support. We only take on a few clients at a time to ensure that we are executing for these companies at the highest levels” she explains.

Cannabis Global Consultants was founded in 2018 in Ontario. The company focuses on assisting international governments with their medical cannabis legalization initiatives and helping individuals launch new companies in the industry. As one of four managing partners, Sarah and her partners, David Hyde, security and regulatory expert, Shlomo Booklin, cultivation expert, and Lauren Booklin, EUGMP and compliance expert, assist in the development of strategies ranging from educational conferences to regulatory affairs and legislation to licensing, logistics, and distribution. “We’re working with a number of governments and stakeholders, including Barbados, where we just had the 2nd Annual Medical Cannabis Educational Conference. Our goal is to bring our networks and resources to emerging markets so that they can set themselves up for success. It includes a de-stigmatization and educational forum that we hope to continue throughout new emerging market. For instance, Barbados is now legalizing their medical cannabis program,” she shares.

Sarah also sits on two strategic advisory boards; Vinzan International, working on developing their international market in Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Colombia, and XTRX Solutions, which is set up to be a world-class extraction and fulfillment facility in Canada.

Sarah’s passion for the cannabis field reaches beyond her work life and into pro bono work for the medical cannabis industry. Her team works with a number of small companies and are strong advocates for patients’ rights and setting up frameworks for the medical cannabis industry.


Sarah Seale

CEO — Seale and Garland Consulting

Managing Partner — Cannabis Global Consultants, Inc.


Twitter (personal): sarahseale18

Instagram (personal): sarahseale18

Twitter (business): @sealegarland1, @cannabisglobalc

Instagram (business): cannabisglobalconsultants

Download the Top 100 Canadian Professionals magazine and check out Sarah's feature on page 81.

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