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Sarah Spector

A seasoned accounting consultant with more than 25 years in the industry, Sarah Spector provides executive-level financial advice to companies, both large and small. As founder and CEO of Spector Wellman Accounting & Consulting, based in Los Angeles, CA, she works with a variety of clients within the healthcare, e-commerce, service, and distribution sectors. Sarah specializes in operational restructuring, project management, financial system implementation (including ERP), and M&A transactions and integrations. Since founding Spector Wellman in 2018, her firm has offered high-value client advisory services to assist companies with their accounting, finance, business intelligence, and financial system needs—nearly doubling their number of clients over the past year. “We believe our clients appreciate us as an honest, reliable, high-quality alternative to in-house resources for bookkeeping, financial statement creation, and business analysis,” says Sarah.  


Although she wears many hats at Spector Wellman, Sarah’s primary focus is on client advisory services, where she takes a holistic approach—promoting hands-on interaction, collaboration, and customized assistance. “As a fractional CFO, I bridge the gap between the bookkeeper and the tax CPA. Every large corporation has a CFO, and small business owners deserve to have that same level of support, but they often just can’t afford it or they may not need it full-time,” she explains. “Offering this service makes their lives much easier, and they are so appreciative. That’s why I strive to be a real part of their organizations, rather than just being a virtual service provider.”


In addition to her accounting responsibilities, Sarah is involved in many day-to-day decisions with her clients, such as staffing, making long-term goals, and devising plans to achieve them. She also works as a strategic advisor—forecasting, analyzing metrics and obtaining credit facilities. “Throughout the COVID pandemic, I’ve been advising a lot of businesses that were never my clients and providing pro bono work,” she explains.

“Whether it be through obtaining PPP and EIDL financing or restructuring debt, I just want to help the businesses that are on the verge of closing and support their growth.” Many of the clients Sarah assisted were turned away by banks who had even denied them PPP loans. “They have no right to decline small businesses just because the owners don’t have an account with them. Many of their reasons for denying loans are not valid,” she says. “Some people are in profound distress when they call me, unable to get the funds they need for their business to survive. I advised them to avoid the big banks and instead go through FinTech providers such as PayPal or QuickBooks. If they applied that day, they had their money the following day.”

Sarah began her career at Grass, Coffey, & Scharlau CPAs, a full-service public accounting firm in Phoenix, AZ. She then went on to hold several leadership positions—working at ASGN Incorporated, Leaf Group, Autism Spectrum Therapies, Premier Healthcare Services, Autism Learning Partners, Alfred Music, and Ticketmaster. Along with a CPA license and a BSBA in accounting from The University of Arizona, Sarah has enjoyed an extensive career—from public accounting to supporting the growth of a $1.3 billion publicly traded company. “Having spent 15 years as a corporate controller, I’m able to thoroughly analyze and evaluate the financial situations of businesses—regardless of size—and provide them with the necessary solutions to help their bottom line,” she adds. “No matter how small the task, the appreciation is always grand, and knowing that I made a difference is fulfilling.”


Sarah Spector

CEO and Founder

Spector Wellman Accounting & Consulting

Los Angeles, CA



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