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Sashi Edupuganti

As CEO and founder of ODE Holdings, Inc., Sashi Edupuganti leads a passionate team with C-level experience in the art of successful startups, Fortune 100 operational maturity, global connections at the highest levels, and demonstrated skills as change agents of tomorrow. Guided by the company’s core principle—“creating good for the world”—the group provides solutions that meet the highest standards of security, governance, adaptability, and agility to clients worldwide. “As a shaper and a creator, I focus on ambitious goals thoughtfully, and I built a great team to deliver valuable services and solutions against the odds to change the landscape,” he explains.

With the growth of the digital economy, there is an increasing concern over how companies are collecting, using, sharing and monetizing personal information. There is an urgent need for a new way of managing consumer data privacy while continuing to meet the needs of enterprises.  ODE’s vision is to create this new “Future of Consumer Data”. This revolutionary startup provides an innovative next-generation solution to the consumer data economy which places the power of ownership and control of the data in the hands of the consumer it belongs to. Simultaneously, it enables enterprises, reduces liability exposure and de-risks compliance while sharing the monetization of data. ODE Holdings, Inc. provides data privacy solutions, smart analytics, real-time consumer 360-access, and enables governance organizations with the ability to both enable and enforce data privacy regulations. “An informed, secure and engaged consumer is a happy consumer, and a happy consumer is a rewarding consumer, increasing the acquisition, retention, and lifetime value.” Sashi explains.

Sashi founded ODE Holdings, a global company with presence in USA and South Africa, in 2019, after a 20-year career as an accomplished leader in the enterprise technology field, including director of NBC Universal’s Software Solutions Group and head of application services with Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund. While enjoying his professional success, a personal encounter would ultimately change his professional trajectory. “While I have been a part of new products, enterprise technology, and the existing data supply chain, the problem of data privacy and protection became real when my eight-year-old son wanted to become a social media star,” he recalls. “Bells started ringing, and like many parents, I began to ponder how I can protect him while encouraging his dreams. My passion for technology and data privacy along with my desire to keep my child safe triggered the concept and the company called ODE, which stands for Open Data Economy.”

With two decades of experience and a cache of degrees, including a bachelor’s in physics, a master’s in computer applications, and an MBA, Sashi launched ODE Holdings. “I needed to do something that is meaningful, impactful, and global that will both challenge me to help me grow while giving back to the communities that have supported me. I am a servant-leader by nature. I wanted to create a purpose-driven organization with a culture of thoughtfulness, meaningful work, and relationships with people who share my dream and that want to share their lives and this journey with me,” he shares.

Sashi has done just that, leading a team of experts committed to changing the world of consumer data on a global level while living by these values in thought and action and leading by example. As a successful entrepreneur and recipient of IDG Group’s Premier 100 Leader designation and the Informatica Innovation Award, Sashi remains humble. “As CEO, I set the vision and direction, drive accountability and set the tone for a culture that allows my team to flourish and achieve their goals. At the end of the day, my role is to be a servant-leader and inspire everyone to bring their best selves to work each day. I wouldn’t be who I am if it weren’t for the innumerable people who gave me the opportunity and invested their time in helping me succeed.  While I’m responsible for the overall success of the company, I hold myself accountable for enabling everyone in the organization to be successful.” The best is yet to come for ODE Holdings, with planned expansion in Austin, Phoenix, Singapore, India, and other regions.

A father of three and happily married for 20 years, he is devoted to his family and enjoys snowboarding in the Alps or hiking the tallest peaks in Mount Whitney or Machu Picchu.

Sashi Edupuganti

CEO — ODE Holdings, Inc.

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