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Savannah Chorney

Savannah Chorney has spent her entire career fighting for the underdog. From car accidents and catastrophic claims, to brain injuries, long term disability, and slip-and-falls to wrongful death, Savannah has been championing the rights of victims for the past 14 years. Working at personal injury law firms across Brampton, she’s helped thousands of clients with case winnings amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars.


In October of 2021, Savannah along with her partner, Melissa Sidhu, founded Chorney Sidhu Injury Lawyers. Created from a desire to work collaboratively as a team, the firm puts people and problem-solving at the forefront. “There is no doubt that the cards are very much stacked in favor of the insurance companies, so we’re very much Robin Hood for our clients,” Savannah says. “We’re up against billion-dollar companies who try to bully people into submission, and it’s really nice to stand up and say, “No, not on my watch!” Offering an elevated client experience, “we take the approach of personally meeting with each client and staying with them every step of the way,” she says. “It’s really how we’ve always done things, and it’s just so rewarding to be able to help.”


As someone who loves to work on the hardest and most complicated cases, Savannah’s connection to personal injury law stems from a deeply personal place. At just eight years old, tragedy hit home when Savannah’s aunt suffered a severe brain injury after being struck by a truck. She saw firsthand the devastating impact on innocent victims. “When I was in law school, I naturally gravitated toward wanting to do this line of work,” she explains. “It’s a lifelong situation for so many people in accidents and it affects the family significantly, as well.” Now, as a passionate leader and managing partner of her own practice, Savannah is out on the front lines leading the fight for what’s right. “We’ve literally changed the direction of people’s lives,” she shares. “I love being able to make such a lasting impact in the lives of others by turning something negative into a positive. It’s an honor, really.”


Savannah holds a JD from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law and an LL. B. from the University of Windsor:


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