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Robert and Joe appear in

The Top 100 People

in Real Estate Magazine

Robert Scaccia & Joe Salemi

"The Island Team"

Together, Robert Scaccia and Joe Salemi lead a team of dedicated and experienced real estate professionals at Keller Williams Realty in Massapequa Park, New York. Keller Williams is one of the world’s largest real estate franchises with over 1,000 offices and 180,000 associates across the globe. It is the top franchise in the United Sates, based on units and sales volume.

Robert and Joe work together as a team that produces results for their clients. Based in Massapequa Park, they serve clients throughout Long Island and Queens. Robert explains, “We collaborate and work extremely well together, we have a system that gets results.” They each bring a different skill set to the table, which helps them to meet the diverse needs of their clientele.

Robert transitioned into the real estate industry just over a year ago. As co-team lead along with Joe, he oversees the buyer specialists and the daily operations of the business including office management and business generation. Joe also concentrates on business generation and is a hands-on traditional marketing expert who handles advertising, marketing listings and the digital and online marketing efforts for the business.

With over 12 years of experience, Joe was the office team leader for the past three years and recently transitioned back into the role of real estate agent. Together, Joe and Robert formed an elite team at Keller Williams so they could offer a collaboration of the best service to their clients. They have a strong foundation and rely on a focused group of professionals that they work with including attorneys, financial experts, insurance agents and lenders. Robert adds, “We have a great network of professionals that we rely on for just about everything, which makes our transactions and the business run smoothly. 


Both Robert and Joe attribute the success of their branch to a great team of knowledgeable people who are responsible, driven and focused on getting results for their clients. “We don’t do anything particularly different; we just do everything well. We are extremely efficient and have a good system that gets results. Being efficient and on top of things is a niche in itself.”

Their branch has 135 agents and Robert explains that they all truly work as a team. Keller Williams is very focused on training when they are on boarding new agents.  The company is a great landing spot for anyone who is thinking of beginning a career in real estate.  “We try our best to create a very comfortable environment for our employees, especially new agents.  We are a team and a family and we all help and care about each other.  It's an all hands-on deck mentality.” Both Robert and Joe are licensed real estate agents that offer knowledge, experience and personalized service to all of their customers.


Robert Scaccia and Joseph Salemi
The Island Team - Keller Williams

Download the Top Top 100 People in Real Estate Magazine and check out Robert and Joseph's feature on page 60.

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