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Scott Jackson

Former tech CEO Scott Jackson has made a name for himself as someone who is passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of others. With a 23 patents portfolio under his belt, Scott created the largest and leading neural-network license plate recognition system in the world helping to solve murder, rape, and kidnapping cases. After later selling to Motorola Solutions, he switched gears as a real estate developer focused on the bio-hacking and medical tourism space. “From a young age, I always knew what I wanted to do,” he shares. “I left college to pursue business and never looked back.”

After establishing himself to many as being generous, kind, and honest, Scott is someone who recognizes the value of hard work and dedication. As the founder and CEO of Endeavoring Capital, LLC, Scott has built an incredible team and has started funds centered around creating wealth for others and a lasting legacy in the bio-hacking and hospitality industry through his latest hotels, resorts and luxury residences, much of which are based on members-only clubs and associated products and services. “The idea is to put close to 20 of these in every city so people can focus on their health and wellness every day.  We want people to download the app, get their bloodwork and then take the journey of supplements, peptides and whatever they need home with them. How can we help people live 15 years longer with a quality of life?  That’s our goal,” he explains. In addition to helming that thriving venture, Scott and Endeavoring Capital is also active in clothing lines and in the food and beverage space as a major investment partner for multiple Toca Madera locations, Casa Madera, and Maple & Ash.

We spoke with Scott to learn more about his accomplished past, inspiring present, and innovative plans for the future.

Let’s start from the beginning, Scott. How did you get into the health and wellness space?

After I moved from Chicago to Arizona and put my company MVTRAC on autopilot, we started with just small projects, fix-and-flips to learn the ins-and-outs of the construction industry. From there, we went on to do bigger projects including additions on larger homes, before transitioning into building ‘ground-up’ homes selling into the millions of dollars. After making himself and his investors a lot of money with his companies and in real estate, he and his team decided to focus on creating a new hotel business model. At the time, we were approached by some GMs across the country in the entertainment space who needed help developing venues. We ended up landing a pair of side-by-side properties in Old Town Scottsdale, which is very difficult because the city has roughly six blocks that allow for vertical building. The properties were highly sought after and many in the industry were working to acquire them. Given that we acquired enough land to go vertical, it just didn’t make sense to build an entertainment venue, so we decided to build a really cool bio-hacking wellness hotel with some world class restaurants and shopping. With the changes in the market and interests rates pushing lending to new challenges, we’re not building residences focused on the condotel market. People will be able to buy condos and generate revenue from the use of their units in the hotel pool, which will allow them to become members of the world class members only and bio-hacking memberships.

What was the next stop on your entrepreneurial journey?

We headed to the Southland, where we originally acquired six waterfront properties with boat slips. After seeing the amazing potential of Pensacola, Florida, we began acquiring more lots with boat slips and the neighborhood behind the original 6 sites to build another amazing hotel on the water in Pensacola. Due to its central location and the fact that Pensacola is in the beginning of a massive growth boon, it seemed like the perfect place for some luxury residences with a condotel component for the hotel and bio-hacking retreat. With the vision of building incredible resorts and hotels with incredible hospitality and amazing restaurants, we set out to create that place where everyone wants to go and, when they get there, the last thing they want to do is leave. The sites will have a variety of facets from shopping, fine and casual dining, bio-hacking spas and other things to keep people from having to leave. For me and my team, it was about doing something impactful and making a difference in the lives of others.

Your hotels are focused on health, wellness and helping people feel their very best. What kind of services are offered?

You’ll be able to download the app, be directed to the closest blood lab, give blood and then our team will analyze the clients blood. The client will come to our intake and go over their blood and get availability to the subscription of services, ultimately designed to help people live longer with better quality. We will have everything from peptides, vitamins and nutrition, supplements, red light therapy, IVs to cryo and cold and hot plunges. It’s a high-focused  program complete with anti-aging protocols. Although natural protocols are the focus, we also want people to feel good about themselves and offer them balance. The Scottsdale hotel will have procedure rooms for a high-end plastic surgery center that will be coupled with the bio-hacking spa to help you feel great and look great! It’s really a one-stop shop. Our app will allow people to take the experience with them to help keep them focused and accountable and allow users keep track of their supplements and actively monitor what they need. 

Tell us a bit about your business model, and how you’ve been able to apply what you learned in tech to your latest endeavors.

Early in my career, I learned to recognize the significant value creation of recurring revenue and how it can be used to grow the multiple of a business and create greater enterprise value. After selling to Motorola, I realized no one had done it in the hotel space before, so I found a way to apply a similar business model to the hotel industry. We will actually end up being one of the very first to do it, and the only ones to do it the way we are innovating. Essentially, we are building hotels and resorts accessible to the public but with a “Social Members Only Club” and a membership to the Bio-Hacking Med Spa component, where people can have a subscription membership to one or the other. If you’re a member of the social members club you’ll be automatically enrolled in the bio-hacking membership but if you’re just a member of the bio-hacking membership you’ll have to upgrade to the social members club. It’s a unique model that nobody’s doing right now, and the idea of adding the recurring revenue coming from 12-60 month subscriptions for the bio-hacking and anti-aging component adds incredible enterprise value.

Lastly, Scott, what do you enjoy most about your work? What drives you?

Innovating, and doing the things that nobody has ever done before. Also, being able to make a profoundly positive impact for people has always been really important to me, and I’m fortunate to be at a point in my entrepreneurial career where I have the opportunity to do just that with bio-hacking and wellness.

Scott A. Jackson

Founder & CEO — Endeavoring Holdings



Facebook: Official Scott A Jackson

Instagram: @OfficialScottAJackson

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