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Scott Burke

Business lending advisor Scott Burke has spent more than a decade helping people access the capital they need to launch, grow, or sustain their businesses. Since founding Maxx Capital in 1999, he has established over 3,000 banking relationships, facilitated over $250 million in financing, and helped more than 50,000 small businesses obtain funding through alternative lenders. “Many of our programs offer flexible guidelines to overcome common obstacles such as credit score, credit history, time in business, financials, and industry type,” says Scott. “Our streamlined funding process makes getting a business loan, business line of credit, or stated income commercial real estate loan, a smooth and stress-free experience.”


Located in Scottsdale, AZ, Maxx Capital is a veteran-owned company that specializes in small- to medium-sized businesses with revenues ranging between $200,000 to $20 million. They offer multiple loan types, various lines of credit and advances, inventory and purchase order financing, equipment leasing, and accounts receivable factoring. Scott started Maxx Capital as a holding company, but turned his attention toward the lending division in 2008. “We were one of the few sources of funding for small businesses during the economic crisis because the government was only lending to banks,” he explains. Scott has since focused specifically on the finance arm of the company.


In 2020, Scott experienced a similar situation with the onset of COVID. Banks and lending facilities shut down, and once they reopened, they converted balances on a line of credit to term loans and closed them. “Almost daily, I still get calls from bankers on behalf of customers whose credit lines were closed asking if I can help,” he says. Fortunately, because Maxx Capital has over 100 alternative lending sources, they have been able to continue helping customers access working capital for their businesses— before or in addition to the CARES Act.


COVID also brought about an increased demand within the real estate development market, especially for single-family homes and small subdivisions. “Supply chains are short on building materials from the manufacturing shut-down, so it’s more costly to construct homes, and developers are struggling to keep up with demand,” Scott explains. Consequently, build times have become longer, developers are paying more interest on materials, and consumers are ultimately paying more for homes. “Nevertheless, money is flowing to the building market because it’s one of the few industries keeping the economy alive,” he adds.


Most of Maxx Capital’s recent applicants are first-time clients who found Scott through a bank referral or LinkedIn. “Many developers have sought me out because they have already purchased land, but can’t get full funding from a bank to build, so they’re losing money every day they can’t break ground,” he explains. Although it may take a long time for supply to catch up with demand, Scott is determined to continue helping as many clients as possible. “Newer companies don’t have the insight, connections, or reputation we’ve built with banks and lenders over the years,” he says. “And Maxx Capital has remained strong through two of the most difficult financial crises the country has ever faced.”



Scott Burke

Founder and Business Lending Advisor

Maxx Capital