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Scott Cadieux CFP®, AIF®

In the Service of Others:  The Decorated U.S. Military Leader-Turned-Financial Authority Changing the Lives of Investors Big and Small

Scott Cadieux has spent his entire career devoted to the service of others, driven by honor, integrity, and the greater good for all. By nature, he's a born leader and protector on a mission to serve the community and their pursuit of financial wellness and happiness—and for Scott, it's personal. But long before founding Echelon Private Wealth, LLC, Scott was on a mission of a very different kind—in uniform.  As a highly decorated U.S. military officer, he served in multiple combat deployments supporting both Desert Storm and Operation Enduring Freedom campaigns. In recognition of his outstanding service, he received the Bronze Star Medal, the General MacArthur Leadership Award, and the Order of Saint Maurice, among many others.  Post-military, Scott held a successful 22-year career as an award-winning advisor and a first-class executive, leading, coaching, and managing advisors for one of the world's largest asset managers, Fidelity Investments.  Much of Scott's success is due to the support of his beautiful wife, Heather, his three children, and a close network of friends.


One might ask, how did Scott's extraordinary skill as a military officer translate into a remarkable career as a financial service leader? Quite simply, because underneath the uniform he so proudly wore in the service of his country was a learned financial mind backed by two degrees and several professional accreditations. He holds a B.S. in business administration with a minor in economics from the University of Vermont, a master's in administrative studies with a concentration in financial economics from Boston University, and an advanced financial planning certificate from Yale University. A military retiree, Scott combined his leadership skills with his passion for finance. He began his financial services career in 1998, providing expert advice and delivery on a comprehensive range of client wealth management issues, investment best practices, philanthropy, estate, tax, and insurance planning. Driven by a dedication to the service of others, Scott received multiple President's Circle awards from his previous firm, which is the highest customer service recognition awarded.


In 2020, Scott leveraged his extensive experience to found Echelon Private Wealth, which genuinely puts the clients’ best interest ahead of corporate profits by eliminating product partner influences. Echelon is a full-service wealth management firm located in Scottsdale, Arizona.  As a fee-only advisor, Scott specializes in providing financial strategies and superior service to high-net-worth individuals, retirees, government workers, military veterans, professionals, and families across the country. Ever the protector, Scott ensures Echelon delivers customized portfolio management strategies and asset protection constructions through a disciplined framework designed to increase and guard its clients’ wealth. We had the honor of speaking with Scott to learn more about Echelon’s commitment to the financial wellness of its clients and how he's leading the charge to help other veterans realize a successful career in finance.


What compelled you to start your firm, and how is it different from others?


Simply put, my underlying motivation was to be a catalyst for positive financial change. There are ways to be successful while still serving the greater good, providing a better economic life for investors. I strive to .the best solutions for our clients.offering personalized, objective, and fully integrated holistic advice tailored to every individual's specific needs and goals and select only the solutions that will best serve them.


We different from other firms, and we're proud of it. Echelon treats all clients with the same level of care, whether a client has $300,000 or $30 million. While most advisors differentiate service delivery by assets under management with an eye on profit, Echelon has the luxury of serving an exclusive client base. As a result, we intend to provide the best, unbiased, gold-standard service in the industry.

How do your decades of experience benefit the unique needs of your high-net-worth clients?

I have a lot of experience working with clients with assets up to $100 million, and they require a specialized approach.  We incorporate the latest and most innovative techniques to address the sophisticated needs of high-net-worth clients.  My firm takes a holistic and multidisciplinary approach to the wealth lifecycle.


With your reputation as a financial leader, you could have chosen to serve only the wealthiest. But, instead, you also focus a great deal on serving military and government clients. Why is this important to you?


As a veteran, it is essential to serve those who have served our country, and I don't take the opportunity lightly. Regardless of their net worth when we first meet, I can help them achieve their personal financial goals. There's a need for more financial management awareness throughout the government and military, and I have a lot of experience with the challenges they face and their benefits eligibility. I can help them navigate those inherent complexities and design a plan that can help them grow.


You're also an active supporter of helping military veterans transition to successful civilian careers, working as a coach with The Honor Foundation. Tell us about this.


The Honor Foundation is an organization that helps Special Operations veterans to migrate back into civilian life. As an active coach, I assist Green Berets, SEALs, Marine Force Recon, Delta Force Special Operators with career transitions. It's an honor to serve the most elite communities globally and help them navigate into corporate America in the civilian sector.


What advice would you give to veterans who want to pursue a career in finance?


It's essential to establish a strong network of mentors within the industry and learn all aspects of it to understand the area that aligns with your passions. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it. You can; you just must make it happen. How we execute in the military is no different from how we manage in corporate America: (a) define your current situation, barriers, and alliances/mentors; (b) identify your definition of success (DOS), and don't let others define it for you; (c) hold yourself accountable through a disciplined execution plan; (d) focus on the inch, not on the yard. "Yard by yard, life is hard. But, inch by inch, life's a cinch." That quote has driven my entire career. Lastly, celebrate your wins and learn from your failures.


Scott is a Certified Financial Planner™, an Accredited Investment Fiduciary®, and an arbitrator for FINRA®. He holds FINRA Series SIE, 7, 9, 10, 63, and 66 licenses and is an Arizona life and health insurance agent.



Scott Cadieux CFP®, AIF®

Founder and Principal

Echelon Private Wealth, LLC



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