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Scott Hazard

Scott Hazard’s success in commercial real estate comes from a multidisciplinary approach thanks to his somewhat unusual background that allows him to understand both the business and the technical sides of a venture, as well as the most important side—people. His undergraduate focus on economics and engineering, along with his master’s in engineering management from Dartmouth, landed him roles at Apple and Google, where his transparent, trusted leadership style saw him build not only innovative products and retail spaces, but the teams to support them. Today, as global head of real estate and workplace experience for Atlassian, Scott manages the marketing and branding of a commercial real estate portfolio comprised of one million square feet across 14 commercial spaces in eight countries. And he brings that same passion for team building and for connecting products to physical spaces—with people at the center.


Scott’s career began with an internship at Apple during his master’s program, which, in 2005, evolved into a full-time position in product design focusing on Mac products and input devices. In 2008, he moved into Apple Retail, managing and developing the custom glass and AV/network systems across the fast-growing Apple Retail portfolio. Nine years into his Apple tenure, Google approached him to lead a product design team for Google Glass within Google X. Scott turned it down. But nine months later, when Google approached him with a role to build a team to think about physical products and retail, Scott accepted the challenge. While there, Scott and his team designed and built 15+ retail spaces for Google across various business units; designed to ensure guests had a good experience.


Five years later, Scott was approached by Atlassian, an Australian software company that develops products for software developers and project managers. “I knew what I was passionate about—connecting products to environments,” he says. “We’ve taken that approach to commercial real estate, constantly evolving and changing, and we do this by designing with flexibility and experimentation.” This might mean designing “the opposite of a Silicon Valley-style office building” to create a more welcoming, human atmosphere or building the tallest hybrid timber structure in the world in Sydney to set the bar for sustainability. As a leader, Scott strives to cultivate a deep connection between himself and his employees, leading with the values that drew him to Atlassian—transparency, authenticity, support, and partnership.


Scott Hazard

Global Head of Real Estate and Workplace Experience — Atlassian


LinkedIn: Scott Hazard

Instagram: SHaz327

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