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Scott Podvin

Scott Podvin stands as a visionary leader at the forefront of revolutionizing real estate investment. As the CEO and founder of Skyline Property Advisors, he has fundamentally transformed industry norms by infusing them with modern creativity and data-driven strategies.

Scott's journey into real estate was deeply influenced by his upbringing. His grandparents, eminent figures in the field, instilled in him a profound appreciation and understanding of the industry. Their influence sparked a passion that would shape his forthcoming endeavors, starting with his academic foundation.

Educated at prestigious institutions like Harvard University's Graduate School of Design and the University of Miami School of Law, Scott's scholastic background underscores his ability to strategically evaluate, and capitalize on, opportunities. In fact, before founding Skyline Property Advisors, Scott honed his skills as a real estate attorney, representing developers across diverse sectors. This experience provided him with a comprehensive understanding of real estate transactions, paving the way for his transition into his current role with Skyline Property Advisors.

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Skyline Property Advisors stands as a pioneering force in the realm of quantitative investing, spearheading a transformation in real estate investment through evidence-based and data-driven methodologies. Under Scott’s direction, they have adopted a novel approach to real estate investment, which stems from the recognition that there are numerous avenues through which apartments or resorts can be integrated into revenue streams. For example, by selling vacation clubs and timeshare resorts 52 times per year, instead of just once, they optimize revenue generation, transcending traditional sales models. “In terms of our financial achievements, we've successfully executed approximately $1 billion worth of real estate transactions in collaboration with esteemed partners like Westdale Asset Management,” Scott shares.

Skyline Property Advisors offers an extensive array of services across four fundamental lines of business:

Project Management: Delivering real estate projects on time and within budget. They leverage various staffing models, optimize supply chains, and provide expertise tailored to different project and asset types, ensuring the success of real estate ventures.

Valuation and Financial Services: Assisting clients in financing and refinancing their assets, striving to secure the best possible rates and minimize costs.

Valuation and Business Analytics: Providing a wide range of services related to mergers, acquisitions, or takeovers, including financial modeling, pricing analysis, and pro forma earnings impact analysis.

Property Management: Their team, with over thirty years of experience, is dedicated to optimizing the value of clients' assets.

Indeed, ingenuity is woven into the fabric of Skyline Property Advisors, a credit to Scott’s multitude of talents and vast expertise. In addition to being a successful real estate entrepreneur, he is a prolific author and thought leader in sustainable real estate development. His book, Green Luxury: The Art of Developing Sustainable and Climate-Resilient Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, exemplifies his commitment to environmentally conscious practices. Additionally, Scott has embraced digital platforms, launching newsletters such as Sustainable Investing Digest and Global Empowerment Leadership on LinkedIn, boasting impressive subscriber counts of 493 and 1511, respectively. He has also created two YouTube channels, Sustainable Investing Digest and Global Empowerment Leadership, with combined subscriber counts exceeding 850.

Scott Podvin
Founder and CEO
Skyline Property Advisors

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