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Sean James


In the realm of strategic leadership, Sean James stands as a formidable force, serving as the COO of two enterprises and founding a not-for-profit youth mentorship program: ECBVerdyol, Myrowich Staffing Agency, and Interlake Youth Mentorship Program. Channeling his motto of "Show up and work hard every day and it works out; if it doesn’t, learn and do it again," Sean's dual roles as COO span diverse domains—from manufacturing and operations, to sales, marketing, and finance.


Hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Sean's journey is a testament to overcoming odds and driving impactful change. Despite not finishing high school, he attained a GED, then sought to study medicine. He was instead accepted for an arts program. Undeterred, Sean took a full load of pre-med courses. Then, while still in his early 20s, he experienced a transformative moment—he discovered engineering. Following this epiphany, and after switching his major, Sean learned that he had dyslexia. Serendipitously, he later discovered that this unique cognitive lens unveiled an innate ability to discern patterns that elude others, which accelerated leadership in engineered systems and data-driven decision making. Ultimately, Sean graduated with honors and spearheaded the Forest Engineering Association as its president.


From these academic heights, Sean's trajectory continued to rise, propelling him into the corridors of industry giants like Cypher Environmental Ltd. and Cook Inc., where he played a pivotal role in driving exponential growth, with Cook Inc. and Cypher Environmental Ltd.  Next, it was onto ECBVerdyol, a family-owned company that has specialized in the manufacture of erosion control products for over two decades—a perfect fit for Sean, where his environmental focus and the company’s mission are harmonious. Keen to recognize and integrate new opportunities, Sean then joined the Canadian recruiting company, Myrowich Staffing Agency, which specializes in finding jobs for Ukrainian nationals, which has, in just a few months, successfully placed over 150 new Canadians.


Sean James
COO: ECBVerdyol
COO: Myrowich Staffing Agency


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