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Sean Richway


As the founder and president of Infinity Capital Finance, Sean Richway brings a decade of experience in real estate finance. More than that, he brings a lifelong passion for it, one that drove him through a career as an accountant, public auditor, and real estate investor. In 2016, he brought together his multifaceted expertise and launched Infinity Capital as a direct private money lender that has lent more than $150 million in 13 states.


Specializing in one- to four-unit residential properties, Infinity Capital provides capital to investors, generally in the form of loans, making it possible for them to purchase properties from banks or motivated private parties before either reselling them or refinancing them to hold as rental properties. Their investor clients include both those looking to flip and resell, and those looking to build and manage properties themselves. And, Sean’s common-sense approach to lending sets him apart. “We only look at credentials that matter: experience, liquidity, and the quality of the asset,” he explains. “Hard money loans shouldn’t be underwritten as a conventional loan, but charged 10-15% interest compared to conventional pricing. That disconnect never made sense to me.”


By contrast, Infinity does common sense low-doc loans, which differentiates them significantly from other hard money lenders, who can take up to 30 days or more to close. Further, they close loans in a fraction of the time—as quickly as in a day or two. “With rates increasing, time is of the essence,” Sean says. “Between the underwriting and how quickly we move, we create the perfect program for someone who needs quick, easy access to get the same hard money rate.”


For Sean, the lending process is always an exciting one, as no two clients or circumstances are the same. “Every deal is different,” he says. “I’m constantly running into new situations, and that really keeps me on my toes.” But what drives him the most is seeing borrowers attain their goals with minimal stress. “We hear so many horror stories from borrowers who have worked with larger lenders, so we really strive to make this a smooth, pleasant transaction.”


Sean holds a BS in accounting from Widener University.


Sean Richway

President & Founder —  Infinity Capital Finance


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