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Serge Després

Co-Founder/Vice President

Serge appears in the Top 100 

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Serge Després


Serge Després already had two successful entrepreneurial ventures under his belt when he decided to create a third. Having worked in the business-to-business energy sector for over 20 years as a talented and experienced engineer and operations specialist, and with all the strength and resilience he acquired as an Olympian, he was perfectly positioned for a role in which he would work directly with consumers. With a natural affinity for anticipating need and understanding objectives, Serge not only helps people realize their goals, but ensures they have a great experience in the pursuit of them. Naturally, when his partner, Ben, presented him with the idea for a propane company with a full-service model that also would work with local businesses to help distribute the fuel communities need, Serge was immediately on board. Borealis Fuels & Logistics Ltd. was born in October 2020 and officially launched in 2021, with Serge serving as vice president, leading projects and managing implementation and integration of their ERP systems, all driven by his commitment to an outstanding customer experience.

In 2021, their first year in business and operating from a single Yukon location, Borealis cast an optimistic revenue outlook through their large initial investments. By 2022, they had grown 500% and expanded to five locations, including one in Billings, Montana. At the start of 2023, they grew another 250%, making them one of North America’s fastest growing fuel companies. “We started in the toughest, most remote environment—the Yukon—because we felt we could make the most significant impact on lives there,” Serge explains. “We serve communities that aren’t even accessible by road. We go over ice bridges in the winter to make sure they get their fuel. We also partner with local businesses to help with distribution, ensuring that the returns from locally purchased propane stays within the community.”

It’s that personal, community-focused approach that sets Borealis apart from other fuel companies. “A lot of propane companies just offer fuel and a tank, period,” Serge says. “We offer the whole package; an entire turnkey solution that works within budget, and we build long-lasting relationships.” Their decentralized approach also means that their residential, commercial, or industrial customers can call their local branch for immediate, personalized service. “We want to empower local people, and not having a head office means we can give our branches more money to flourish,” he says. “They have the power and capacity to serve their clients. They don’t need head office permission.”


Serge Després

Co-Founder & Vice President —  Borealis Fuels & Logistics Ltd.





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