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Seyhan Bozkurt 

“If you have a dream, go for it,” is one piece of advice that Seyhan Bozkurt has for aspiring entrepreneurs. “It might be a risk, but if you believe in it, you have to follow your dream to make it happen.” That’s exactly what Seyhan did in 2017, when he took a leap of faith and cofounded Deziria Chocolates with his wife, Oniz Birsoy. But it wasn’t the dream of being an entrepreneur that prompted him to enter the ranks of “business owner.” It was his affinity for the sweet cocoa treats instilled in him as a child by his chocolatier father in Germany—and Seyhan’s determination to spread happiness with “high-quality chocolates priced for all kinds of love.” It all began in 2008 in Seyhan’s Utah home. He had just moved to the U.S. and couldn’t find chocolate that met his expectations at a reasonable price, so he made it himself using his father’s formula. Before long, his friends were asking him for more….and more. Today, Deziria Chocolates can be found in Walmart, Whole Foods, and grocery stores across Utah and beyond—each luxurious, delectable bar “Joy-Tested” and priced so that everyone can enjoy the finest, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free chocolate. “Deziria is about love,” Seyhan says. “It’s about the love of chocolate, the love of craft, and the love of sharing something sweet.” And it took a tremendous amount of love and dedication to bring them to the masses.

Fourteen years ago, Seyhan had fine-tuned a combination of farms, ingredients, processing, packaging, and trade to create the most desired flavor of chocolate for all, and as business started to grow, he partnered with a German factory to bring his hometown recipes to American consumers. But there was just one catch: the factory minimum was 10,000 pounds of chocolate—100,000 bars. “I had no idea where I was going to sell them, but I said, let’s go for it!” he shares. “It was a huge risk.” He sold all of them to Walmart, landing on shelves across seven states in just two months. Just like that, his dream went from fantasy to reality—and Deziria’s happy, chocolate-loving consumers everywhere are most assuredly grateful.


Seyhan Bozkurt 

Co-Founder & CEO — Deziria Chocolates