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Shahnawaz appears in the Top 100 

Innovators & Entrepreneurs Magazine

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Shahnawaz Sheikh


For over a decade, Shahnawaz Sheikh has been a driving force in the entrepreneurial world. Known for his exceptional skills in addressing and resolving the challenges faced by businesses, his areas of expertise encompass the management and execution of state-of-the-art strategies and solutions in operations, marketing, and sales. Shahnawaz’s background as an entrepreneur, combined with a deep understanding of technology, enables him to tackle intricate business problems and accelerate growth.


Shahnawaz has experienced many triumphs over the course of his career, including the brand, Mommy Knows Best, in which he played a key role in building from the ground up and eventually sold. He fondly recalls the experience saying, "I will be forever indebted to Tim Tierney for giving me such a fantastic opportunity." As the co-founder and chief operating officer for TNT Group, Shahnawaz also works with Tim on other brands, including TNT Pro Series, a thriving business in the health and fitness sector; Shay Labs, the manufacturing arm that produces a range of products including shampoos, creams, and mouthwash; and NIO Supply Chain, a user-friendly SaaS-based product aimed at streamlining the supply chain industry by automating the ordering process, this making operations easier and more affordable for small businesses.


Drawing from both his personal experiences and professional expertise, Shahnawaz provides tailored solutions that help his companies overcome obstacles to reach their full potential. This wealth of knowledge has been invaluable in driving the TNT Group to glory.



Shahnawaz Sheikh

COO/Co-Builder — TNT Pro Series, Shay Labs, NIO Supply Chain



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