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Shalev Amar, Esq.

Shalev Amar is owner of Amar Law Group, a Scottsdale headquartered multi-state law firm focused on Lemon Law and breach-of-warranty claims. An attorney with 16 years of experience and the author of 4 consumer guides on Lemon Law matters, Shalev has dedicated his entire career to protecting consumers—and with a nearly 99-percent success rate and a consumer rating that consists of 100% Five-Star reviews, his firm’s commitment is undeniable. “We put our clients first—always. We return all client calls within 1 business day or less,” he shares.


After practicing consumer protection law for nearly 14 years, as managing partner for 12, Shalev founded Amar Law Group in 2018 with a model different from other firms—one that matched his own deeper, broader definition of consumer protection. With the slogan, “If your car’s not up to par, call Amar,” he built a team of attorneys who share his commitment to a client-centered approach. Amar Law Group has extensive expertise in this specific legal niche. “The Lemon Law applies when you buy a brand-new vehicle that has been repaired too many times or has been in the shop too long,” he explains.


In a break from its legal peers, Amar Law Group has a Fair Fee Guarantee for out-of-court representation, with 95 percent of its cases settling out of court, the guarantee ensures the firm is never compensated more than its clients for out of court matters, even if that means cutting its fee. “We seek our attorneys’ fees only from the companies, not our clients, and the fee is based on whether the case is settled. If not, we don’t charge at all for out of court matters,” Shalev explains.


Shalev graduated from the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law and he is the recipient of multiple academic awards, including the cum laude distinction and awards for academic excellence. He has also participated in multiple local TV interviews regarding consumer issues. In his commitment to serving the community, the Firm donates two percent of its net profits to the Humane Society.


Shalev Amar, Esq.

Owner — Amar Law Group



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