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Shane Boudreau

When Shane Boudreau founded Sammamish, Washington-based VestIn Capital Group (VCG) in November of 2020, he brought with him more than two decades of finance and M&A focus as well as repeated successes as an entrepreneur—and a history of personally assisting companies in raising well over a $100 million in capital. VCG is a boutique investment bank with a focus on entrepreneurial middle-market companies, executing sell- and buy-side M&A and capital advisory services, debt and equity capital raises, corporate finance, and valuation services. “My responsibility is to find the most innovative companies of tomorrow,” he says.  “I run through a deep due-diligence process of the founders, company, and the opportunities they are presenting, then I help the founders to either raise capital, sell, merge or acquire a company.” Less than halfway through 2021, VCG already had $150 million in capital equity raises.


“Capital raising is a lot of fun!” he says. “I have helped to create billions in market share, led Fortune 500 companies on strategy and innovation, and created some amazing companies. The greatest accomplishment in business is being able to learn and capitalize on missteps, constant evolution, opportunities and actionable steps to create something truly special.” To that end, Shane has an MBA from MIT, and course work from Harvard, Yale, Warton, and other esteemed institutions. His dedication to constant learning has paid off, and he can look at a project from both the company and investor sides with the learned, nuanced perspective that comes only with the insight as both a private investor and business owner. “I’ve been in the weeds, and having been there, I can identify sustainable growth versus staged growth. This is critical to ensure that my clients are investing in solid companies with healthy upside potential.”


Shane gets to know each of his investors closely, identifying their goals and challenges to maximize their investment capital across multiple verticals with minimal risk. “These people have worked hard for a long time to build this financial freedom, and to be able to trust someone with that freedom, their money, and their future is a great responsibility,” he says. “I want to make sure that I am taking care of them and giving them the best possible service. I think the most important job is figuring out how to create massive value for those looking at your offerings.”


Shane’s favorite part of his job is meeting and learning from the people he works with. “I like meeting really great visionaries on both sides of the table. It is the founder who turns a vision into reality and changes the way things are done and the overall economy benefits as a result. And its investors that can see the vision themselves, then help to make the company even better. When great minds work together, they’re unstoppable.”


Shane Boudreau

Founder & CEO — VestIn Capital Group




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