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Shawn Abrishami


Helping businesses grow their business is the guiding principle of Shawn Abrishami, founder and CEO of Jorbo Solutions. As a concierge service for small- and medium-sized businesses, the organization helps companies find the best third-party service providers for their specific needs. Focused on solving problems for the myriad clients they serve, Jorbo acts as the middleman, effectually playing matchmaker for clients and service providers in various sectors through their proprietary platform, Jorbo Concierge. “Oftentimes, these companies have to work with many different providers and find themselves spending too much time finding, communicating with, and monitoring them,” he states. “We work to eliminate the headache of acquiring professional high-quality services, while making the process as simple as possible.”


Cultivated from his firsthand experience, Shawn wanted to create a solution for the common problem that many companies face—having to do the time-consuming legwork of sourcing multiple service providers for their accounting, technology, and marketing needs. With Jorbo Solutions, clients have the ability to log in, view an array of services, and choose from multiple local providers in various categories. Jorbo Solutions offers support every step of the way, helping to ensure each job gets done in a highly efficient manner. “We pride ourselves on providing great services for the little guys,” Shawn explains.


Prior to launching Jorbo, Shawn worked as the VP of marketing for a startup that provided software for dispensaries, which, at the time, was a new and incredibly novel industry. Ultimately, he embraced the unknown and seized the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of retail operations. “When an entrepreneur sees an opportunity, they evaluate it, analyze the challenges, then proceed with the new venture,” he explains. “It was at that time when I really started to understand the problems and challenges businesses are often faced with as they grow.”


Driven by an unwavering desire to help businesses, Shawn finds fulfillment in facilitating the successes of others. “Seeing a customer happy and achieving the results they want is really the biggest accomplishment,” he shares.



Shawn Abrishami

Founder & CEO — Jorbo Solutions and Taam Samane Dokan



Instagram: EhsanAB

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