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Shawnalei appears in the 
Top 100 People in Real Estate magazine.

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Shawnalei Tamayose

In the bustling heart of New York City's real estate realm, where innovation and disruption are the driving forces of change, Shawnalei Tamayose stands as a luminary and partner of APT212, a tech-driven premier residential real estate brokerage located in the heart of Soho. With a career spanning over 12 years and a portfolio boasting over $250 million in luxury property transactions, Shawnalei has forged her path through the ever-evolving landscape of the luxury real estate market.


Specializing exclusively in the luxury and ultra-luxury market, Shawnalei's journey to the zenith of the industry is as captivating as the properties she represents. Hailing from the idyllic shores of Kauai Hawaii, Shawnalei's trajectory took an unexpected twist. Originally intent on pursuing a career in Bollywood, she embarked on a journey to Mumbai, India, ready to chase her dreams of stardom. However, fate had other plans. Concerns about her safety prompted a return to Hawaii, where a new direction beckoned—New York City.


Arriving in the Big Apple in pursuit of acting and singing, Shawnalei's path ultimately converged with the world of real estate. Encouraged by her boyfriend at the time, she made the leap, driven by the promise of flexibility and the potential for greater financial success. Armed with determination and the grit to succeed, Shawnalei began her journey by pitching herself to mortgage officers and networking tirelessly, laying the foundation for her future success. While the early years were undeniably tough—long hours, relentless networking, and the weight of being far from family, Shawnalei's indomitable spirit prevailed, fueled by her competitive drive and her mother's wise words from when she was 7 years old: "You need to make sure that when you grow up, you’re very successful so you can always take care of yourself." Those words became her North Star, guiding her through every challenge and setback she had faced.


Success gradually emerged from the crucible of adversity. Shawna's trajectory saw her transition from one real estate team to another, each step propelling her forward. She evolved from being on teams, each bigger than the last, working for a developer, heading a new development project, and being on the #1 team in NYC, to helming her own brokerage with her business partner. The journey, a testament to her unyielding resolve, underscores her ability to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of the industry.


One of Shawnalei's distinct strengths lies in her unparalleled ability to market properties effectively. Her modern-day marketing ability, creativity, and results speak volumes, attracting clients who seek her expertise when considering a switch in brokers or those looking for a new approach. As a luxury broker, she revels in interacting with experts who've risen to the top of their careers in diverse industries. For Shawnalei, it's not just about brokering deals; it's about unraveling the stories behind the clients—their journeys, passions, their family, and learning from their successes. It’s all about relationships, a network, and close-knit community.


Shawnalei’s career is marked by milestones of excellence, such as being a member of the #1 Team at Corcoran, managing a prominent power broker's business at Douglas Elliman, and spearheading the sales and marketing of condo development projects. She played a pivotal role in a $230 million project in Hell's Kitchen and led the sales efforts for a $47 million sellout in East Harlem. Her accolades include being named the 2023 Most Influential Broker in New York, gracing the cover of Top Agent Magazine's New York Edition, being selected for Marquis Who’s Who, and earning the title of 2022 Emerging Broker of the Year. Outside of her real estate accolades, Shawnalei is a 3x undefeated award-winning Polynesian dance champion, a multi-title pageant queen, a previous Miss Kauai and Miss Leahi at the Miss Hawaii/Miss America scholarship pageant, and a tennis competitor.


Beyond her formidable achievements in real estate, Shawnalei remains deeply committed to social causes. She supports the No Kid Hungry foundation, Charity Water, St. Patrick's Cathedral, and volunteers for New York Cares, where she aids individuals with disabilities in honing their interview skills.


Shawnalei's journey from the tranquil shores of Hawaii to the heart of New York City's luxury real estate realm is nothing short of extraordinary. Her story exemplifies the power of resilience, adaptability, and unrelenting determination. As she continues to redefine the landscape of luxury real estate, Shawnalei Tamayose's name stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of those who dare to dream and forge their paths in the world's most dynamic city.



Shawnalei Tamayose

Instagram: @Shawnalei808

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