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Sherry Watty, MBA, QAFP™, PFA

Sherry Watty, MBA, QAFP™, PFA, is a seasoned financial advisor with Co-operators, recognized for her expertise in farm and commercial insurance, financial planning, farm succession planning, mutual fund investments, corporate buy-sell agreements, retirement planning, and life insurance. With over 25 years of experience in these areas, Sherry has established herself as a visionary leader dedicated to disrupting and modernizing the financial and insurance sectors.

As the owner of Watty Insurance Services Ltd, Sherry has propelled her Co-operators agency to remarkable success since its establishment six years ago in British Columbia. Prior to this venture, she sold her previous practice in Alberta, demonstrating her adeptness at building and scaling businesses. Under her leadership, Watty Insurance Services Ltd has doubled its book of business, a testament to Sherry's strategic acumen and client-centric approach.

Sherry's commitment to innovation is evident in her strategic vision, which has been adopted as a national business practice within her agency. She has also pioneered a comprehensive CRM model, emphasizing a holistic and educational approach to reviewing policy holdings and introducing new products to clients.

Founded in 2009, Watty Insurance Services Ltd offers a range of Co-operators insurance and financial services, with a strong focus on client education and exceptional customer service. Sherry prioritizes client comfort and engagement by meeting them in their homes and sitting at their kitchen tables. By fostering a personal connection and understanding their goals, concerns, and needs, she tailors solutions to address their specific challenges. For Sherry, it's about unraveling the whole story, delving into the "why" behind each client's situation and devising actionable plans to achieve their objectives. She is driven by a commitment to understanding the intricacies of insurance and financial planning, empowering clients to make informed decisions for their future.

Another advantage for Sherry, as well as her clients, is that Watty Insurance Services Ltd is a family business, with her son, daughter, and husband all contributing to the agency’s success. Sherry’s son holds a QAFP™ designation and a mutual fund license, while her husband and daughter possess general and life insurance licenses. With her daughter's 15 years of experience, starting from the age of 18, and her son's transition from part-time to full-time employment after graduation, their support and dedication is the rock upon which Sherry stands.


Beyond business success, Sherry finds fulfillment in mentoring her team and witnessing their personal and professional growth. For her, the most rewarding aspect of her role is not financial gain, but rather the opportunity to inspire and empower others to excel in their careers. Sherry's passion for her work, coupled with her dedication to her team and clients, continues to drive the success and ethos of Watty Insurance Services Ltd.

Sherry completed her PFA (Professional Financial Advisor) certification at the Institute of Advanced Financial Education, and received her QAFP™ (Qualified Associate Financial Planner) certification from FP Canada. She also holds an Executive MBA from Simon Fraser University.


Sherry Watty, MBA, QAFP™, PFA
Watty Insurance Services Ltd



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