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Shiraz Zaidi

Shiraz Zaidi always thought he’d be a doctor, but while in college at SUNY Stonybrook double majoring in psychology and business, he heard a story that changed his career trajectory. His older brother had been born paralyzed due to a doctor’s error. The legal battle that ensued resulted in his parents, who recently arrived in America from Pakistan, spending even more money without any recompense for their son. The story, combined with other, similar tales of friends and family taken advantage of, impacted Shiraz deeply, and he decided to get into a role where he could provide advice and support for those going through similar situations and ensuring that no one had to deal with dishonesty like that ever again. And today, he’s continuing that promise, serving as partner, director of operations, and financial advisor at Coastline Wealth Management in Port Jefferson, New York.


After graduating, Shiraz went back to school for finance, completing his certifications while working with JPMorgan Chase. After seven years and overseeing a team of more than 30 people across several locations on Long Island, he realized being an independent practitioner would allow him to do even more for his clients, including taking a more strategy-based approach as opposed to the more product-based approach he had been working with. So in 2015, he transitioned to being a practitioner with Coastline Wealth Management. At the time, the firm had two partners and about $100 million in assets. With the addition of Shiraz as a partner, financial advisor, and director of operations, Coastline today has nearly $1.5 billion in assets and has grown considerably. Coastline does a significant amount of multigenerational planning, helping entire families manage their assets for ensured stability for years to come. “We have a tendency of keeping assets on board through generations,” Shiraz says.


In addition to advising his clients on all their options and strategies, Shiraz also serves as the director of operations for Coastline at their Long Island, Connecticut, and New Jersey offices. As such, he champions operational efficiencies, empowers staff to achieve healthy work-life balances, and transitions advisors and their clients into the firm. Coastline is unique in that they have several operational arms, including M&A of financial advisory practices, client management, and a staff that includes CFPs, CPAs, CFAs, MBAs, lawyers, and others to provide clients with all manner of services in a team-oriented approach. “Having that team approach and having capable professionals on board who can answer most financial questions is key, as is having not one advisor, but a whole team the client can go to.” Shiraz says, “They’re not just a client, they’re family.”


In addition to their team-oriented, family-style approach to financial advice and planning, Coastline has also grown significantly by acquiring over 15 other advisory practices. One subsidiary business, for example, helps them connect buyers and sellers to create the best combinations for everyone’s needs, and they extend their team-centric approach to these companies as well. “It allows each person to do what they want to do independently,” Shiraz explains. “We have highly motivated professionals who encompass a lot of the financial world. It’s a place for everyone, and our client-centered approach allows people to feel comfortable and empowered.”


And it’s not just empowering clients that is important to Shiraz. He and his team are also invested in empowering the community at large. He has personally been involved with a number of community organizations for much of his life, including United Cerebral Palsy. Coastline also works closely with the Make A Wish Foundation. And while he doesn’t take credit for creating it, Shiraz lives by a simple but empowering tenet: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”



Shiraz Zaidi

Partner, Director of Operations, Financial Advisor — Coastline Wealth Management



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Instagram: @Shirazzzy

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