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Shoham appears in the 
Top 100 Attorneys Magazine

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Shoham Segal

Focused in the areas of business law, commercial litigation, and personal injury, Shoham Segal is a relentless litigator who has been practicing law for over a decade. The 2022 Super Lawyers Rising Star recipient has a multitude of wins totaling millions of dollars for the hundreds of clients he’s served. “I really enjoy the challenge of solving problems, and it’s the main reason I became a lawyer,” he shares. “You can stretch, be smart, use many different tools in creative ways to develop legal solutions.” After a career with two prestigious law firms, Shoham founded LVNV Legal in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2019, to do precisely this—his own way. Dual-licensed in Nevada and Florida, with two locations in Summerlin and Henderson, LVNV Legal is dedicated to protecting assets, boosting businesses, and bringing justice to injury and accident victims. Underlying it all is Shoham’s uncommon ability to develop unique ways to protect and preserve his clients’ interests when they need it most. From seamlessly incorporating a virtual firm model, to his innovative “Invest Anonymous” service, Shoham is delivering for his clients.

It was Shoham’s combination of creative legal thinking and desire to protect his investor-clients’ privacy and assets from predatory litigants and lawyers, which gave birth to the investor-tailored “Invest Anonymous Solution.” “Over the years I’ve found that my investor-clients live in fear of being scammed and harassed when their investments are so publicly exposed. They described their wealth like ‘having a target on their back,’” he explains. “So I came up with a way to help them buy real estate and invest anonymously to protect their privacy and avoid frivolous lawsuits and fraud.” With years of business law experience and knowledge of pertinent laws, Shoham guides his clients through the entire process. “My goal is to take the target off their backs, remove the stress, and help them flourish in peace,” he shares. The “Invest Anonymous Solution” is applicable to investments in nearly all 50 States.

Shoham graduated summa cum laude from law school, ranking 2nd of 302 students in his graduating class.

Shoham Segal

Founder & Managing Attorney — LVNV Legal





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