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Shokur appears in the Top 100 

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Shokur Fahd


Shokur Fahd started his law career at Deloitte, where he worked on corporate immigration under the tax bracket, an area of law he still focuses on today. In 2021, he partnered with his sister and fellow attorney Yasamin Fahd and founded Fahd & Fahd Law Corporation, which offers legal services in corporate and immigration law to individuals who are struggling with how the process works. Shokur concentrates on immigration cases, ranging from refugee to corporate, and also handles injury and business law. Yasamin, who worked as a legal assistant before going to law school, has a great deal of experience in litigation and focuses on the law of tort, which includes personal injury, as well as employment law, estate planning, and administration.

“We listen to our clients and offer tailored options to each individual’s needs,” said Shokur. “In our area, only 300 lawyers speak Arabic, so we focus on serving the Arab-speaking community.” His sister added, “I love being in court and litigating, but the reason I started this firm with my brother is that the legal industry tends to go by volume at the cost of the legal delivery. We focus on delivering quality services over quantity.”

Their ability to speak Arabic and English fluently is critical to helping their clients, many of whom have unique circumstances and are apprehensive about talking with lawyers who don’t understand them. Shokur and his sister give each client ample time to discuss their case and impart critical advice in layman’s terms. “Our clients are not a one-time transaction; they are our ongoing clients,” he said. “I worked in large firms and learned a lot, but I think the greatest asset our firm offers is community engagement. I can sleep well at night knowing I helped someone.”

Shokur is a member of the Ontario Bar Association and the Advocates Society and is a mentor at the University of Toronto. Yasamin has numerous degrees and obtained her law degree from the University of Sussex. The sibling attorneys are both heavily involved with Matthew House, a charity organization in Toronto whose mission is to help refugees coming into Canada adjust to their life here.



Shokur Fahd

Partner — Fahd & Fahd Law Professional Corporation




Instagram: FahdandFahdLaw

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