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Sidney Sogbor


Sidney Sogbor, the founder and CEO of Seadmok Water Construction LLC, stands as a testament to unwavering dedication and relentless determination in the water industry. Leading the company from its inception, Sidney focuses on driving profitability, shaping company structure, and devising strategic plans.


Sidney’s journey in the water industry began at the age of 19, when he took up the role of a water operator in utility maintenance. This physically demanding role not only provided him with deep insight into the field, but also nurtured his thirst for knowledge and growth. While his expertise largely remained rooted in the water industry, Sidney expanded his understanding of business operations through self-education and research. Presently, he's advancing his business acumen by pursuing a degree in business and entrepreneurship. Beyond his educational pursuits, Sidney holds various industry certifications in areas such as safety, development, and maintenance.


Sidney's story is one of resilience. After immigrating from Ghana, West Africa, at a young age, he chose not to let challenges deter him. Instead, he transformed them into opportunities, culminating in the establishment of Seadmok Water Construction LLC in 2017. The company's name pays tribute to his loved ones, being a combination of the initials of his wife, parents, and siblings. Located in Howard County, MD, Seadmok specializes in maintaining, repairing, and replacing various water and sewer assets, including fire hydrants, water mains, and house connections, to name a few. With a team of 12 dedicated employees and two contractors, Seadmok prides itself on addressing challenges that even larger companies shy away from. They execute projects efficiently, maintaining quality, integrity, and workmanship as their core values.


In its tenure, Seadmok has completed over 100 projects for both government and commercial entities. These projects vary in scale, with some reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars. A significant achievement includes a contract awarded by Anne Arundel County for a large meter replacement project. Previously working as a subcontractor for the County, Seadmok's elevation to a prime contractor underscores their growing reputation.


One of their most notable projects involves collaboration with the Thurgood Marshall School, PS103, currently under renovation by Beloved Community Services CDC. Built in 1877, this historic school is poised to house The Judge Alexander Williams, Jr. Center for Education, Justice, and Ethics, alongside office space for the National Park Service. The estimated development costs stand at $14 million. Seadmok's contribution to this illustrious project includes providing various water and sewer connections, as well as specialized concrete work.


In summary, Sidney Sogbor's Seadmok Water Construction LLC exemplifies commitment and expertise in the water industry. With each project, they not only enhance their professional stature but also contribute significantly to community development.


We spoke with Sidney to learn more about his background, inspiration, and motivation.


You’ve spent your entire career in the water industry. Tell us a little bit about your background.


I began my journey in the water industry at Wachs, where I gained extensive knowledge about the functionality of water valves and mains. After spending several years there, I transitioned to WSSC, a municipality that exposed me to a wide range of learning opportunities, from water and sewer construction to contractors' billing practices. It was during this phase that I founded Seadmok. Later, I joined another municipality, DC Water. It was here that everything came together for me, leading me to pursue contracts more aggressively.


What inspired you to start your own company?


My inspiration traces back to my childhood. My parents ran an export company, and I often assisted them, even with tasks as simple as putting labels on bottles. I've always had a passion for hard work and the sense of accomplishment it brings.


You’re known for finding solutions for difficult projects where other companies have given up or failed. Could you share one or two of these stories with us?


Certainly. On one occasion, a client needed a fire line installed for her new restaurant. Located in Ellicott City, an area notorious for its rocky terrain, most contractors raised their bids due to the anticipated challenges. Despite receiving higher quotes of $77K and $64k, the client chose Seadmok's competitive bid of $54k. We successfully completed the challenging project in a mere 27 hours, and the café subsequently opened its doors to the public.


What do you enjoy most about your work, or what drives you?


The transformational process of each project is truly rewarding. Taking an empty space and turning it into something functional and valuable is what I love most. Beyond that, witnessing the sheer joy and satisfaction on our clients' faces post-completion fuels my passion for the job.


Do you have a favorite quote or personal motto that inspires you, in your life or in your work?


Absolutely. I've always believed, "The sky is never the limit, there's something above that so keep going."


Sidney Sogbor
Seadmok Water Construction LLC


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