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Simeon Nunnally

Author Simeon Nunnally is a distinguished entrepreneur, global commodities expert, and business development specialist renowned for his work in the political, international, and corporate management sectors. As the CEO and founder of Multinational African Partner, Inc., Simeon is dedicated to fostering bilateral relationships between nations, with a particular emphasis on commodities, policies, and investments.


With a vast array of experience, Simeon serves as the linchpin for international relations and business development. His remarkable abilities have earned him a prestigious appointment in Commodities and International Policies under the esteemed leadership of His Excellency Dunston Pereira, chief executive officer for the Private Office of His Royal Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al Qassimi in the Royal Office in Dubai, UAE. In addition, he is the author of the acclaimed book, Who Really Wants Money? and manages business development for Un-wine Water Bottling LLC. by Lil Zane, overseeing operations both domestically and globally.


Simeon's roles are multifaceted. In Dubai, he explores diverse countries and opportunities, focusing on establishing trade relationships and identifying investment prospects. In Liberia, he is spearheading the creation of a trade route, facilitating bilateral opportunities for both Dubai and Liberia. In Georgia, Simeon is appointed by the prestigious Rep. Eric Bell House District 75 for International Policies.  



Simeon Nunnally
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